The H-STEM Complex construction is on track to have construction completed in December. That means the next couple of months will be a busy time with lots of the final details taking place, including:

  • Exterior sidewalks and final grading will be finished around the middle of November.
  • The final section of curtain wall glass on the building exterior will be completed over the next few weeks.
  • Interior painting is occurring on all floors of the building, along with installation of flooring and ceilings.
  • Final plumbing and electrical work is being completed.
  • Doors are being installed.

Installation of furniture, testing of the HVAC and electrical systems, and installation of audio visual systems will all take place in January. Building occupancy will begin in February.  The project webcam is a great place to check out all the progress.

Construction Site Impacts

As with any substantial construction project, there will be impacts to campus. Please see the graphic below which shows some of these important details. As always, drivers and pedestrians are reminded to keep alert while in and around construction zones and to follow all appropriate directions as well as to stay on designated pedestrian paths.

The northeast door will be usable only for emergency exit during construction. Access into and out of the ChemSci Building will be maintained on the south and west doors. Construction traffic will be primarily along Cliff Drive. For some construction deliveries, vehicles will need to be routed through onto campus. Flag staff will coordinate pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Route goes from construction zone in between the MUB and Library buildings. Grainger's construction office will be located in the Chem Sci Building in Classrooms 104A and B.

construction site impacts