About the H-STEM Building Project

Filling a Critical Need

The H-STEM Complex addresses what Michigan Tech recognizes to be a critical need: industry-relevant, STEM-based educational and research programs in health and human-centered engineering.

Michigan Tech’s STEM-focused niche allows it to contribute to the design of human-centered technologies (e.g., therapeutic devices, instruments, sensors, and preventative strategies) through research, development, and education for our students. The planned H-STEM Complex will include newly constructed shared and flexible laboratory spaces co-located with renovated classrooms and learning spaces within an existing building (Chemical Sciences and Engineering) that will meet industry standards for safe operation.

The H-STEM Complex will permit teams of researchers and students from Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Computer Science, and Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology to work together in collaborative spaces with shared equipment. The estimated investment of $53,100,000 will allow Michigan Tech’s engineers and scientists to continue to contribute to economic prosperity through development of technologies and preparation of the future technological workforce.

During the past two decades, Michigan Tech’s faculty and students have become increasingly involved in developing technological innovations that improve the human condition. Since planning for the H-STEM Complex began, Michigan Tech faculty have been increasingly successful in attracting external funding for their H-STEM research and human-centered innovations. This increase in research has resulted in enrollment growth for associated degree programs. In response to our growing needs, Michigan Tech has increased our institutional commitment of funds toward the H-STEM project so that the project can meet the University’s projected demand.

Future Home of the H-STEM Engineering and Health Technologies Complex

Vista of campus from the portage with the area between the Chem Sci and the EERK highlighted.