H-STEM Building Project

The members of the Laboratory Design Team work with architects to plan the various shared-use research labs in the new H-STEM building with the intent of designing research spaces that are both functional and flexible to meet a variety of research needs.

Laboratory Design Team Members

  • Kyle Bolen
  • Qing-hui Chen
  • Carolyn Duncan
  • Steve Elmer
  • Megan Frost
  • Jeremy Goldman
  • Roger Guillory
  • Sangyoon Han
  • Hoda Hatoum
  • Caryn Heldt
  • Jingfeng Jiang
  • Kelly Kamm
  • Sean Kirkpatrick
  • Bruce Lee
  • Brigitte Morin
  • Erich Patushek
  • Smitha Rao
  • Zhiying (Jenny) Shan
  • Marina Tanasova
  • Ashutosh Tiwari
  • Kevin Trewartha
  • Travis Wakeham
  • Chunxiu (Traci) Yu