The H-STEM Building Project is progressing and is currently in the Design Development Phase.  This phase spans many months, and the complexity and pace of the work keeps increasing.  Updates will be provided on this page on the 1st of each month.

Design Development Phase

During this phase, the H-STEM Steering Committee, Lab Design Team, stakeholders, and user-groups are meeting regularly with HED (the design firm) to work through the design details by discussing user needs, and narrowing down options as all design details are finalized.  In August, the University received the formal approval letter from the State Department of Technology, Management & Budget on the Design Development Plan.  Please note, final decisions on design details have not been made as these discussions are on going.   

  • State of Michigan Approval - On Friday, August 20, 2021 Michigan Tech received the formal approval letter from the State Department of Technology, Management & Budget notifying us of their approval of our Design Development Phase 400 report submittal with no exceptions or comments.  The next step is to submit the Construction Documents to them for final planning approval, verifying that we are planning to build the project that they approved funding for.
  • Construction Documents - The Team continues to work on finalizing the Construction Documents for the project.  50% complete documents will be released for review and estimating on September 2, with final documents for bidding being released in late October.
  • Project Schedule - The Following milestone dates are anticipated as follows:
    • October 2021: Construction Documents are completed
    • November 2021: Project bidding and bid evaluations
    • December 2021: Final approval from the State and MTU’s Board of Trustees to proceed with construction.

    • January 2022: Contracts signed.

    • April 2022: Ground Breaking

    • May 2022: Construction commences

    • October 2023: Construction completed

    • November 2023: Furniture & equipment installs

    • December 2023: Ribbon Cutting and move-in

    • January 2024: Building Open and occupied