Design Development Phase

The H-STEM Building Project is progressing and is currently in the Project Implementation Phase.

During this phase, the H-STEM Steering Committee, Lab Design Team, stakeholders, and user-groups are meeting regularly with HED (the design firm) to work through the design details by discussing user needs, and narrowing down options as all design details are finalized.

  • Project Schedule - The Following milestone dates are anticipated as follows:
    • April 2022: Ground Breaking

    • May 2022: Construction commences

    • August 2022: Completion of new Classroom in Chem Sci B002 to replace Chem Sci 108 that will be renovated as part of the H-STEM project.
    • January 2024: Construction completed

    • February 2024: Furniture & equipment installs

    • March 2024: Building Open and occupied