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Continuing Education

Lean more. Earn more. Continuing education can help you excel in your current job, get promoted, change careers, or enrich your life by learning new skills and keeping intellect sharp. It's good for employers, too.

  1. Are continuing education units (CEU) or professional education required in your field?  
  2. Do you want to advance with your current employer or level up your current career?
  3. Are you ready for a new career path?
  4. Do you feel a personal drive to continually learn and improve?

Yes? Then check out the online learning options at Michigan Tech (did we mention it's free to apply?).

Employer Education Benefits

Continuing and professional education makes companies better. Many recognize the benefits, and support their employees who want to increase skills and knowledge. You might be able to have your online degree, certificate, or courses partially—or fully—paid for by your employer. There are different ways to cover costs:

  • tuition reimbursement
  • tuition assistance
  • employer-sponsored scholarships
  • professional development funds

Check today with your employer's human resources or benefits office to find out what's available. And check out our program cost information for more ways to pay for your online education.

Four Benefits of Continuing Education

Continuing education offers major benefits to employers and employees. Employees who seek out new skills are a huge asset to any company. That's why the best companies invest in their employees.

1. Improve Technology Skills

A well-educated and skilled workforce brings new ideas and creativity to their jobs and their companies. Employers who provide continuing education opportunities are better prepared to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. 

2. Boost Employee Morale

Learning or training doesn't always have to directly relate to a career or job. Continuing education can deepen a personal area of interest or add a new skill. Encouraging that kind of growth can affect the attitude of your workforce for the better.

3. Groom and Identify Future Leadership

Employees who are interested in improving their skills and continuing their education are often the perfect candidates for future leadership or management roles in your company. Providing educational opportunities that employees crave gives companies a path to nurturing future leaders.

4. Growth in Profits

Continuing education is a win-win. It can grow profits for both employees and employers. It improves chances for promotion and a higher salary. Upgraded skills and improved morale have a direct effect on efficiency and profitability; studies show skilled, happy employees are more productive.