East Hall Construction

CONSTRUCTION NOTICE - Cliff Drive Closed June 1, 2024

Cliff Drive will be closed to all traffic from Parking Lot 1 east on Saturday, June 1, 2024. A new sanitary sewer line is being installed across the road for the East Hall project near the entrance of Lot 10, and this will cut off the exit access at the east end of Cliff Drive. There will be access around this through the constructioon site for emergency use only. If you have any questions, please contact facilities@mtu.edu.

Construction on East Hall is underway and will pick up pace with arrival of Spring.  As with all new building construction, campus will see some temporary changes, especially around the construction site.  Please note the following impacts to campus this summer:

East Hall Construction Detours and Impacts to Campus

  • Prince's Point Trail will be closed April-May 2024
  • Pedestrian traffic routes will change April 29th and will remain in effect until Summer 2025
  • The area and sidewalks south of Walker and Rozsa will be closed May 20 to the end of June 2024
  • The Rozsa parking lot will be closed May 20 - mid-July 2024
  • Cliff Drive will be closed on weekend in May 2024 (exacts dates TBD)
  • Construction delivery truck traffic routes will cross Cliff Drive

Drivers and pedestrians are reminded to keep alert while in and around construction zones and to follow all appropriate directions and detours as well as to stay on designated pedestrian paths.

For more information on East Hall, visit the Residence Education and Housing Services website.