Work Requests

What's the Process?


PLEASE NOTE: All non-emergency requests go through a web based management system called Maintenance Direct. Please do not call in any requests unless it is a facilities emergency

Please follow these instructions to use the system

  1. Go to This link should bring you to the Michigan Tech account.
  2. Enter your ISO Username
  3. Enter your ISO Password
  4. On the Work Request page: 
  • Select your building, floor and room number(s)
  • Pick a category
  • Describe the work being requested. INCLUDE AN ACCOUNT NUMBER FOR BILLING IF THE WORK IS BILLABLE. (see below)
  • Select a purpose.
  • Provide a requested completion date
  • Attach a file if desired.
  • Submit!
You can log in to the site again at any time to check on the status of your work request(s).  Just click on the “My requests” tab.

You cannot modify the request once it has been submitted

Billable vs Non-billable Projects

Here is a list of items that are covered by Facilities Management and those that are covered by Departments. If your request is considered billable, you must include an account number in your description.

In general, non-billable services are routine maintenance on the infrastructure of the building and care of grounds.