Facilities Management

Active Construction Projects

Engineering Services provides high-quality master planning, designing, and construction management services. We meet the project's scope, schedule, and budget for new and existing building construction, utility infrastructure, site improvements, renovations, furnishings, and equipment while consistently exemplifying the university's core values.

Below is a list of current active projects with a project budget over $50,000. These projects are in construction or are getting ready to start construction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 7-2303. To initiate a project for your department, please submit a Capital Project Request Form.


Admin Garden Level Remodel

Admin Garden Level Remodel

  • Start Date: 08/26/2019
  • Expected Completion Date: December 2019
  • Project Description: Based on contractor pricing due in August 2019, the Admin Building ground floor will either be reconstructed to its pre-flood condition or be renovated to meet the needs of the University.

Emergency Blue Light Phone

Central Campus Blue Light Phones

  • Start Date: 08/19/2019
  • Expected Completion Date: November 2019
  • Project Description: Installation of (5) emergency blue light phones on main campus.

2019 Sewer Improvements

Michigan Tech 2019 Sewer Improvements

  • Start Date: 05/28/2019
  • Expected Completion Date: July 2019
  • Project Description: Replacing and installing new sewer and storm sewers at the Central Heating Plant and at Dillman Hall (exterior work).

Dillman 204 Remodel

Dillman 204 Active Learning Classroom Remodel

  • Start Date: 05/22/2019
  • Expected Completion Date: July 2019
  • Project Description: Remodeling classroom and converting it to an active learning classroom.

Hockey Team Meeting Room

Hockey Team Meeting Room

  • Start Date: 05/20/2019
  • Expected Completion Date: July 2019
  • Project Description: The project consists of converting an existing storage room into a tiered-seating, team meeting room location in the Hockey Educational Center at the Student Development Complex.

East McNair Steam Trap Replacement

East McNair Steam Trap Replacement

  •  Start Date: 05/20/2019
  • Expected Completion Date: August 2019
  • Project Description: This project consists of the removal and replacement of the existing fin tube radiator system in the dorm rooms and other specified locations in East McNair Hall. The project is to be performed during the students' summer break.

Campus Flood Restoration

Campus Flood Restoration

  • Start Date: 05/13/2019
  • Expected Completion Date:July 2019
  • Project Description: The trails and paths that were damaged from the 2018 Father's Day Flood will be repaired.

AOB Social Science Reception Remodel

Academic Office Building Social Science Reception Remodel

  •  Start Date: 05/13/2019
  • Expected Completion Date: July 2019
  • Project Description: Renovation of the Social Science reception area on the second floor of the Academic Office Building. This will make the space more inviting for collaboration and student engagement.

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