Facilities Management

Capital Project Request Process

Planning a maintenance, remodeling, addition, equipment, building utilities, landscaping, or exterior sitework project? You need to turn in a Capital Project Request form—part of our three-step process. The sooner you begin, the better: the project vision stage is ideal. Successful projects include plenty of time for feasibility discussions.

Step 1

Complete all of page 1 of the Capital Project Request Form as soon as possible.

Step 2

Page 2 addresses project funding, and you should indicate the maximum amount your department is willing to commit to the project on the first part of the 2nd page.

If you feel your project and financial commitment level  is less than $50,000, have your dean or director electronically sign and send the form to facilities@mtu.edu. We'll develop an estimate for you.

If  you feel your project and financial commitment level is $50,000 or more, the form will require multiple signatures.  First, have your dean of director electronically sign. Then send the completed form to the Vice President who oversees your unit for signature, and cc us: facilities@mtu.edu.

Step 3

For projects less than $50,000, review the Facilities Management project estimate, identify your funding source, then notify your project engineer that you're ready to move forward.

For projects $50,000 or more, stay in contact with your executive team member. Executive team members bring project requests forward for approval.