Leaving the University

Employees and Graduate Students Leaving the University or Department Transfers

Prior to leaving the University or transferring to another department, academic employees and graduate students must complete a workspace cleanout form.  Department Chairs and/or School Deans are responsible for ensuring that the form is completed correctly and that each employee or graduate student has properly disposed of all waste materials from their office, laboratory, shop, and/or other work or storage areas.  Waste materials include but are not limited to chemical and hazardous waste, scrap, raw materials, product samples, and laboratory/research samples.  Any equipment, unused chemicals, laboratory/research samples, etc., that are not disposed of must be transferred to another responsible member of the department as indicated on the cleanout form.  A digital copy of the completed and signed workspace cleanout form is submitted according to instructions provided on the form.  A hard copy of the completed and signed form will be kept on file with the department (University Safety Manual, 3.3).

Download the Graduate Student Workspace Cleanout Form

Download the Employee Workspace Cleanout Form

Trouble Accessing the Workspace Cleanout Forms

The Graduate Student Workspace Cleanout Form and Employee Workspace Cleanout Form are fillable PDF forms and are compatible with Adobe Acrobat 9.1 or greater. If your browser is not using Adobe as its default PDF viewer, the form may not open automatically.

If you get a "Please wait...." message when you try to open the form directly, click the download arrow icon in the upper right corner of the message window to download and save the form to your computer. Alternatively, you can right click on the link and select "Save link as" to download and save the form to your computer. After saving to your computer, open the form using Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

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