Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officers

Henrique (Kiko) de Melo e Silva

  • Research Engineer II, Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering
Jennifer Eikenberry

Jennifer Eikenberry

  • Assistant Research Scientist

Areas of Expertise

  • Stable isotopes
  • Forest ecology
  • Mass spectrometry
Michael LaBeau

Michael LaBeau

  • Advisor/Lab Coordinator, Biomedical Engineering

Rudy Lin Luck

  • Associate Professor, Chemistry

Research Interests

  • Low-valent molybdenum complexes capable of activating dinitrogen
  • Synthesis and characterization of heteronuclear quadruply bonded metal-metal complexes
  • Molecular dihydrogen compounds
  • Catalytic applications of metal-oxo/peroxo systems in the area of epoxidation of olefins
  • Construction of metallo-framework cluster materials
Jesse Nordeng

Jesse J. Nordeng

  • Master Machinist, Physics
Robert Page

Robert W. Page

  • Laboratory Facilities Manager, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  • Advisor, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Enterprise
John Romanowski Jr

John J Romanowski Jr

  • Laboratory Supervisor
Steve Wisniewski

Steve Wisniewski

  • Lab Manager, Chemical Engineering

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