Incident and Injury Reporting

The safety of our students and employees is a priority for the University and, therefore, it is important to report injuries and property damage incidents so that appropriate corrective actions can be taken to prevent future incidents and improve our safety program. Employee injury reports are also necessary to manage billing for medical care and to comply with OSHA reporting requirements.

University students and employees are required to report incidents that result in an injury, illness, chemical exposure, or property damage to their supervisor or instructor as soon as possible. The supervisor or instructor is required to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident and summarize their findings on the incident and injury report form. 

Incident and Injury Report Form

To access the Incident and Injury Reporting Form, log in to  Banner Self Service and select the Safety Incidents and Injuries link found under the Employees tab.  All fields with an asterisk are required for the form to be submitted.  Please contact with any corrections or additional information related to an incident/injury arising after submission of the form.

A Return to Work Form shall also be submitted for injured full- and part-time employees that require medical care.

Red box with white text of Emergency: Dial 911.