Michigan Tech's Student Code of Community Conduct has been updated as of August 16th, 2021. Currently, our website does not reflect all updates. Please refer to the codefor the most up-to-date information, or contact the Office of Academic and Community Conduct at 906-487-2192 or studentconduct@mtu.edu.

9. Record Retention, Transcript Notations, and Degree

9.1 Electronic Records

All cases have an electronic record in a secure and access restricted database, Maxient. Records are saved in the database under 'student conduct'.

9.2 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Records of all student conduct actions by officials and boards are considered educational records under FERPA.

9.3 Campus Security Act

Records of incidents reportable under the Campus Security Act will be retained for seven (7) years from the date of the incident.

9.4 Suspension and Expulsion Cases

Student conduct records resulting in a sanction of conduct suspension or conduct expulsion will be retained indefinitely.

9.5 Records with Conduct Hold

Student conduct records that have had a conduct hold applied because of unaddressed conduct charges or incomplete educational conditions will be retained until conduct hold is removed.

9.6 Additional Conduct Records

All records that do not fit the criteria for Sections 9.3 - 9.5 will be retained for two years following the student's graduation or official withdrawal from the University.

9.7 University Transcript Notation

Transcript notations occur for expulsion, or for academic integrity violations that result in a special failing grade of F*, U*, and E* (see Academic Integrity Policy). If a student receives a special failing grade, the student will not be able to repeat that specific course.

9.8 Pending Academic Integrity Cases

In the case of pending actions where an academic grade cannot be assigned, a temporary grade of "M" will be entered into the student's academic record, which represents a missing grade. Missing grades are not calculated into a student's GPA.

9.9 Sealed Records

Upon a student's request and University review and approval, the University may allow for the sealing of a student's conduct record prior to the established record retention timeframe as listed in Sections 9.1-9.6 for the record to be purged. Sealed records will not be disclosed to external third parties except as required by law or when permitted by written waiver by the student. The sealing of student conduct records is not an expungement or pardon of any conduct decision(s). It does not eliminate or modify any sanction(s) or educational condition(s).

9.9.01 Sealed Records Request Process

Students must request their conduct record to be sealed by completing the Sealed Records Request Form. The Office of Academic and Community Conduct will review all requests to seal student conduct records to determine if the request meets the limited grounds listed in Section 9.9.02. All requests determined to meet the limited grounds will be forwarded to the University Conduct Board for final determination. Requests not meeting the limited grounds will be rejected.

9.9.02 Limited Grounds for Sealed Records Request

  1. Requests are submitted either during the student's last semester prior to graduation, or after successful completion of all degree requirements.
  2. Requests are submitted for meritorious reasons which justify an early granting of a sealed record.
  3. Violation did not result in sanction of conduct suspension or conduct expulsion.

9.9.03 Final Determination

The University Conduct Board will base the determination on the following:

  1. Nature and number of violations
  2. Severity and impact of violations
  3. Successful completion of sanctions, remedies, and educational conditions
  4. Additional action taken to learn from misconduct and not let the misconduct define them
  5. Reason for the request

9.9.04 Request Granted

If a student's request for their conduct record to be sealed is granted, the student's conduct record will be sealed only upon the student's completion of all degree requirements.

9.9.05 Request Denied

If a request is denied for a conduct record to be sealed, the case will follow the record retention as stated above in this section.

9.9.06 Special Request

If a special request is made for the conduct record to be sealed prior to completion of all degree requirements, and the request is granted, the sealing of the student's record will be deferred. During the deferment period, the student's conduct record will not be disclosed to external third parties except as required by law or as permitted by a written waiver signed by the student. However, if the student is found responsible for any further violations during the deferment period then the student's request for their conduct record to be sealed will be voided, and no further requests will be considered.

9.10 Revocation of Degree

The University reserves the right to revoke an awarded degree for fraud in receipt of the degree, or for serious disciplinary violations committed by a student prior to the student's graduation.

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