If You Suspect Academic Misconduct

If homework, term papers, or other class assignments raise suspicions of academic misconduct, contact the Office of Academic and Community Conduct without delay.

You may report possible student violations of the Academic Integrity Policy to our office through the Submit a Concern form or by phone, email, or campus mail.

In Class

The following procedures are recommended for handling incidents in which a student in a classroom is observed engaging in possible academic misconduct on an academic assignment:

  • Make a note of the circumstances of the suspicious activity.
  • If possible, have a colleague (e.g., proctor) verify the behavior by observation.
  • If possible, tell the student privately that you have observed him/her engaged in possible academic misconduct. If this is not feasible, make a general announcement to the class that possible academic misconduct has been observed (without identifying a specific student or students), and request that the behavior stop.
  • Allow the student to continue with the exam, unless the behavior is creating a serious disturbance.
  • Continue to monitor the student's behavior.
  • Contact the Office of Academic and Community Conduct expeditiously, as described above.

Out-of-Class Assignments

Immediately contact the Office of Academic and Community Conduct to report suspicious student activity.