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Associate's and Bachelor's Candidates

Some students have indicated that they do not plan to participate in Commencement. Seating assignments will be assigned approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony. Check back for updates.

** ROTC candidates will receive their seating assignments at rehearsal and/or during line-up prior to the commencement ceremony.

Name Attendance   Name Attendance
Abel, Quintin JAttending Maanika, Mya JAttending
Ablao, Maya EAttending MacDonald, Kevin MAttending
Adams, Elizabeth AAttending Madson, Erik EAttending
Adams, Jalen WAttending Makela, AndreAttending
Akermann, Alexander SAttending Malliett, Alexander SNot Attending
Albers, Christian DAttending Malliett, Alexander SAttending
Aleo, Dominique TAttending Manarin, Ethan AAttending
Allen, Rebecca LAttending Mannes, Anson JAttending
Altmeyer, Travis LAttending Marcich, Anthony JAttending
Amar-Fox, Katherine EAttending Marino, Noah FAttending
Amarnani, Shan AAttending Marker, Heather LAttending
Anderson, Kaelan RAttending Markham, Lauren EAttending
Anderson, Yolanda PAttending Marogi, Andrew FAttending
Andrews, Clinton SAttending Martin, Kathleen MNot Attending
Anible, Emily EAttending Marvin, Trevor JAttending
Anna, David JAttending Matcheck, John CAttending
Anthony, Kevin WAttending Mauck, Kathryn JAttending
Anzalone, Nicholas CAttending May, Abigail AAttending
Ardell, Braeton GAttending Mazurek, Sydnie SAttending
Armstrong, Gage WAttending McCann, Sean PAttending
Arneson, Kristoff PAttending McCarthy, Erin RAttending
Ashley, Jacob FAttending McCarty, Cal TAttending
Ayala-Perez, Alejandro JAttending Mcclanahan, Jarett RAttending
Bach, Chelsey RAttending McCleary, Allie SAttending
Badalamenti, Samuele GAttending McClintock, Vincent PAttending
Badanjek, Shawn DAttending McCuistion, Amanda MNot Attending
Bailey, John PAttending Mcdowell, Jared SNot Attending
Baird, Korrina KAttending McFadden, Trevor KAttending
Baker, Jennifer SAttending Mcfall, Patrick DAttending
Banaszak, William SAttending McIntyre, Nehemiah JAttending
Bancroft, Ryan SAttending McIver, Scott JAttending
Bandrowski, Michael KNot Attending McLeod, Mariah MAttending
Barnes, Tanner MAttending Medley, John RAttending
Barr, Zachary WAttending Meese, Anna RNot Attending
Basto, Brooke EAttending Mell, Alissa JAttending
Baumann, Cody WAttending Menard, Mitchell JAttending
Baumann, Ryan MAttending Merrill, Bethany SAttending
Baxter, Nathan DAttending Messman, BrianAttending
Bean, Stephanie PNot Attending Metzger, Benjamin PAttending
Beaudoin, Hilding MAttending Meyer, Dylan CAttending
Becker, Bridget AAttending Meyer, Jared JAttending
Bectel, Leah NAttending Mickelson, Amanda JAttending
Beeker, L.Yani SAttending Micklas, SydneyAttending
Bellant, Kelly JNot Attending Miko, Margaret AAttending
Benedetti, Malory LAttending Miles, Ryker LAttending
Bennett, Jacob DAttending Miller, Adam PAttending
Benson, Jessica LAttending Miller, Cameron SAttending
Benz-Weeden, Matthew AAttending Miller, Charles VNot Attending
Bergh, Elizabeth AAttending Miller, Michael LAttending
Bernia, Heather LNot Attending Mills, Vincent CAttending
Berridge, Stephen JAttending Mills, Zacharias MAttending
Berry, Brody AAttending Minarich, Nicholas SAttending
Bess, Andrew WAttending Miodonski, Gregory JAttending
Bigelow, Kayla MAttending Miodonski, LindaAttending
Bilderback, Brady EAttending Modolo, Jaime AAttending
Billman-Benveniste, Elisabeth GNot Attending Mohar, Jacob SAttending
Bilot, Samuel WAttending Mohrenweiser, Bailey RAttending
Bink, Amanda RAttending Mondeik, Justin RNot Attending
Bittner, Austin JAttending Moore, James PAttending
Biyong, Charlie LAttending Morgan, Daniel AAttending
Blanchard, John ANot Attending Mulford, Riley DAttending
Blatt, Christopher AAttending Muonio, Kylie CAttending
Blough, Christopher JAttending Musiel, David MAttending
Boal, Trevor SAttending Nadolsky, Clayton SAttending
Boecker, Jacob FAttending Naghtin, Gregory AAttending
Bogart, Garth AAttending Nedzlek, Zachary PAttending
Boik, Jonathan TAttending Neering, Tyler JAttending
Bond, Ciara JAttending Nelson, Tyler JAttending
Bondy, Hailey AAttending Nelson, Wesley EAttending
Boswell, MollieAttending Nicholas, Hannah EAttending
Botz, Abigail LAttending Niemi, Justin WAttending
Bouman, Jacob MAttending Nitz, Laura RAttending
Bouwens, JulieAttending Nitz, Michelle GAttending
Boyd, Sarah TAttending Nixon, Shania PAttending
Braden, Maya RAttending Noren, Daniel ANot Attending
Brassard, Jessica NNot Attending Norton, Matthew RNot Attending
Brechting, Monica RAttending Novicki, Daniel AAttending
Bredael, Tyler TNot Attending Nowak, Michael TAttending
Brei, Kayla LAttending O'Hotzke, Thomas EAttending
Brinkman, Gordon HAttending O'Mara, Peter DAttending
Brinley, Floyd JAttending Obert, Alyssa LAttending
Brodowski, Nicholas EAttending Ochoa, Antonio AAttending
Bruder, Nathaniel RAttending Olari, Luke JAttending
Brunette, Logan PAttending Oldenburg, Zachary EAttending
Brusso, Marina NAttending Oley, Summer RAttending
Buchalski, Katelyn CAttending Oliver, Alexander AAttending
Budd, Noah PAttending Oliver, Gemma LAttending
Burbey, Jared MAttending Olsen, Ryan PAttending
Burch, Jacob VAttending Olson, Eric TAttending
Burge, Michelle MAttending Olson, Matthew AAttending
Burns, Ellen SAttending Olson, Nicholas RAttending
Burns, Michael LAttending Opsahl, Brady CAttending
Butts, Kaylie MAttending Opsahl, Jaime EAttending
Byrne, Samuel JAttending Oquist, JacobAttending
Cain, Justin WAttending Ordakowski, Alex MAttending
Calderon, Steven JAttending Ortiz, Aaron FAttending
Campis, Giovanni TAttending Ossanna, Kendra VAttending
Cannon, Chad RAttending Osterholzer, Alex TAttending
Cannon, Jimmie RAttending Ostlund, Michael CNot Attending
Caramella, Anna CAttending Otto, William GAttending
Carey, John JAttending Overlock, Collin DAttending
Carpenter, Dakota RAttending Oysti, James DAttending
Carter, Carl ENot Attending Padget, Vincent TAttending
Casler, Maximilian JAttending Palarz, Brent TAttending
Cauley, Thomas HAttending Palen, Rachel LNot Attending
Cedarquist, Chelsea EAttending Palumbo, Samantha BAttending
Cederberg, Clark KAttending Parker, Dylan JAttending
Celani, Sam AAttending Parrett, Lauren TAttending
Charbonneau, Brandon MAttending Passmore, Emily BAttending
Chartier, Cody JAttending Patchin, Sean KAttending
Chaudhry, Haroon RNot Attending Paul, Madison RAttending
Chen, Joseph FAttending Pavliscak, Justin MAttending
Chen, YuxinNot Attending Pawielski, Colton EAttending
Cheney-Makens, Elise AAttending Pax, Dayton AAttending
Chmura, Austin MAttending Payne, Laurel KAttending
Chopp, Michael CAttending Payne, Trevyn RAttending
Christensen, Nicholas WAttending Peggs, Madison AAttending
Christenson, Andrew DAttending Pelegrin, Lucas DAttending
Chroninger, Rachel LAttending Pennala, Trent JAttending
Clarey, Sean MAttending Peterson, Stanley RNot Attending
Clay, Margaret JAttending Piegols, Logan DAttending
Cleary, Madison MAttending Pietila, Brian MNot Attending
Cline, Lukas RAttending Piotrowski, Ryan HAttending
Conard, Michael AAttending Pirie, Mackenzie ANot Attending
Connolly, Ryan PAttending Platz, Joseph MAttending
Conway, Cole DAttending Pletcher, Mackenzie HAttending
Corazzol, AnnikaAttending Poel, Sawyer JAttending
Cordes, Olivia JAttending Polega, Elizabeth AAttending
Costanzo, Alexandra RAttending Poliskey, Jill EAttending
Coughlin, Jacob MAttending Pollock, Cameron JAttending
Courtney, Paige MAttending Porter, Veronica MAttending
Coy, Mason AAttending Postmaa, RoelofAttending
Coyle, Raymond RAttending Potok, Bryce AAttending
Craig, Aaron CAttending Powell, Dustin ANot Attending
Crane, Seamus VAttending Prangley, Nathaniel AAttending
Crawford, Luke MNot Attending Prehoda, Ethan AAttending
Creed, Glory ANot Attending Preston, Marianne NAttending
Cretney, Trevor AAttending Preuth, Jonathan DAttending
Crouch, Sarah EAttending Prica, Thomas RAttending
Cubuia, Domilton Luis RocheteAttending Priest, Nathan MAttending
Cuenot, Gaspard VAttending Provoast, Ian KAttending
Curtis, Sarah GAttending Prucha, Alexander JAttending
Curtiss, Aaron BAttending Pundt, Jackson RAttending
Daavettila, Adam WAttending Putnam-Johnson, Austin JAttending
Dalzell, Maxwell JAttending Qian, ChengzhiAttending
Daniels, Derek BAttending Quigg, Ryan PAttending
Dankert, Ethan PNot Attending Quinn, Jonathan DAttending
Davids, Jenna MAttending Radloff, Matthew JAttending
Davis, Morgan EAttending Raetz, Abilynn EAttending
De Longpre', Noah KAttending Rajala, Adam HAttending
Deckinga, Dirk AAttending Ramfjord, Steven DAttending
DeGrandchamp, Joseph VAttending Ramos, Jacob DAttending
DeJong, Eric RAttending Ratkowski, Rebecca AAttending
Delzer, Clark WNot Attending Redner, Colin RAttending
DeMario, Marisa RAttending Reetz, Erin AAttending
Demonte Gonzalez, Tania SAttending Regan, Nathaniel WAttending
Dene, Aaron TAttending Reilly, Emma EAttending
Denny, Jacob RAttending Rettig, Anthony JAttending
Desai, Karan HAttending Revoyr, Andrea LAttending
DeSimpelare, Leah CAttending Reyes, Cristina AAttending
Determan, Alexander RAttending Rhue, Katelyn EAttending
Deters, Laura MAttending Rhyndress, Aidan EAttending
DeVet, Carly AAttending Ricchi, Patrick JAttending
DeWidt, Christopher JAttending Richard, Aaron SAttending
DeWitt, Taylor NAttending Richards, Jacob JAttending
Deyoung, Adam DAttending Richards, Thomas NAttending
Ding, JianzengAttending Rife, Emma YAttending
Dion, Joseph NAttending Riffe, Rebecca CAttending
Dlouhy, Dalton JAttending Riggs, Hannah OAttending
Dobbs, Steven RNot Attending Ritter, David JAttending
Dobrzelewski, Noah MAttending Rivet, Alec JAttending
Docka, Jamie CAttending Roberts, JacobAttending
Dolan, Riley JAttending Robertson, Kyle PAttending
Donovan, Megan SAttending Robinson, Jacob RNot Attending
Dougherty, Piper JAttending Robinson, Kelsey CAttending
Drexler, Zachary DAttending Rock, Chelsey AAttending
Duda, Anthony JNot Attending Roeske, Jaclyn EAttending
Dupont, Robert LAttending Rogers, Gunnar JAttending
Durgan, Travis RAttending Rogers, Jessika AAttending
Dvorscak, Jason CAttending Rohwer, Avritt NNot Attending
Dykema, Magann EAttending Root, Samuel JAttending
Dzikowicz, Mitchell TAttending Rose, Andrew JAttending
Earley, Elisha JAttending Rose, Elizabeth AAttending
Edlebeck, Kevin RAttending Ross, Adam SAttending
Elenbaas, Morgan EAttending Roy, Matthew ANot Attending
Elkerton, Zep LAttending Rucinski, MitchellAttending
Ellsworth, Daniel GAttending Russcher, Parker JAttending
Elmore, Jake AAttending Ryan, Joshua DAttending
Elsesser, Christian LAttending Ryan, Marshael BNot Attending
Emmes, Alex CAttending Sandy, Lauren AAttending
Englebert, Lacey JAttending Santoro, Michael AAttending
Erickson, Jacob KAttending Sauer, Nikolaus FNot Attending
Esch-Laurent, Paul FNot Attending Savat, Rachel AAttending
Eschenauer, Alexander JAttending Schlicker, Rachel MAttending
Esemonu, Isidore EAttending Schlorke, Nathan SAttending
Eskola, Aaron JAttending Schmidt, Adam RAttending
Eskola, Thomas AAttending Scholl, Justin DAttending
Espinoza-Birruete, Juan AAttending Schornhorst, Jack RAttending
Evans, Margaret AAttending Schroeder, Alexis HAttending
Eveland, Noelle CAttending Schroeder, Michael AAttending
Evilsizer, Jacob TAttending Schuenke, Brendon NAttending
Faber, Daniel JAttending Schultz, Zachary AAttending
Falecki, John JAttending Schunter, Andrew KAttending
Fallu, Lauren ENot Attending Schwartz, Elsa CAttending
Falzon, Robert WAttending Schwerin, Rachel LNot Attending
Farley, Delainy MAttending Schwiebert, Kyle JAttending
Faust-Smith, Max SNot Attending Scsavnicki, Daniel JAttending
Fehringer, Michael JAttending Sedenquist, Christopher TAttending
Fergan, Robert JNot Attending Sedgewick, James PAttending
Ferron, Michael JAttending Seitz, Brandon NAttending
Feys, Austin RAttending Sendek, Henry LAttending
Finch, Alexis BAttending Sexauer, Maximilian AAttending
Fischer, Andrew LAttending Shear, Caleb AAttending
Fisher, Brett JAttending Sherman, Mariah RAttending
Flannery, Liesl CAttending Sherretz-Hayes, Chance JAttending
Flory, Alexander FAttending Simmons, Trevor AAttending
Flynn, Shaun WAttending Simonson, Lucas RAttending
Fog, Krista MAttending Sinclair, Michael BAttending
Fontius, Joshua TAttending Singer, Amanda MAttending
Fox, Nathan AAttending Sitler, Rachel AAttending
Free, Patrick DAttending Skalski, Shane MAttending
Freridge, Henry EAttending Skuse, Rhiannon RAttending
Fruncek, Carl EAttending Slade, Benjamin DAttending
Fung, Gabrielle CAttending Smale, Claudia JAttending
Furmanski, Kayla JAttending Smiley, Matthew FAttending
Fusco, Dominic JAttending Smith, Alyssa MAttending
Gagalis, Nicholas JAttending Smith, Brandon TAttending
Gaines, Dylan CAttending Smith, Isaac NAttending
Gaines, Samuel PAttending Smith, Jacob MAttending
Galbraith, Mary EAttending Smith, Kyle CAttending
Galla, Jeffrey SAttending Smith, Olivia MAttending
Garner, Emily LAttending Smith, Sean RAttending
Gauronskas, Alexander RAttending Smith, Tanner JAttending
Gauthier, Collin TAttending Snyder, Madeline FAttending
Gering, Jessica TAttending Song, XilunNot Attending
Geschke, Joshua EAttending Soter, Jacob AAttending
Geschwendt, Cameron JNot Attending Soulliere, Owen MAttending
Gessner, Connor AAttending Spencer, Rebecca DAttending
Giannunzio, James AAttending Spiess, Alexander QAttending
Gilland, Patrick JAttending Spoehr, Michael DAttending
Gillies, Alexander NAttending Stanage, Alex MAttending
Gingras, Katherine RAttending Stancroff, Nathan SAttending
Girskis, Justin TAttending Stanton, Hugh DAttending
Glombowski, James RAttending Stauffer, Joshua DAttending
Glowacki, Kaleb PAttending Steele, Mason LAttending
Gockenbach, Nathanael JAttending Steinbrecher, Abigail RAttending
Golden, Sean KAttending Stetsko, Logan DAttending
Good, Autumn BAttending Stewart, Danielle MAttending
Goodnough, Madeline JAttending Stewart, James MAttending
Gorman, Christopher RAttending Stietz, Matthew JAttending
Graf, Collin WAttending Stilwell, Alec BAttending
Graham, Blake AAttending Stine, Alex EAttending
Gratz, Wesley SAttending Stockreef, William JAttending
Green, Allison BNot Attending Stoll, Hannah MAttending
Green, Maura IAttending Storck, Taylor CAttending
Greene, Riane SAttending Storie, Hunter DAttending
Greening, Brook AAttending Stout, Cole SAttending
Gregg, Cameron DAttending Stowe, Devin JAttending
Groetsch, Samuel JAttending Strandberg, Erik MAttending
Gulbranson, Hunter OAttending Strobel, Rachel LAttending
Guo, SuyangAttending Strome, Alexis EAttending
Gust, Madeline AAttending Strome, Thomas WAttending
Haapala, Matthew PNot Attending Strutz, Amber GAttending
Hagan, Collin JAttending Stumbris, Vilnis EAttending
Hall, D�Jah UNot Attending Sullivan, Robert JAttending
Halonen, Lars MAttending Sunde, Matthew SAttending
Halonen, Sara PAttending Sundquist, Brody MAttending
Hamina, Karl GNot Attending Suriano, Piersan EAttending
Hanafin, Paul CAttending Sutherland, Abby AAttending
Hansen, Daniel LNot Attending Sutton, Alex BAttending
Hansen, Joseph MAttending Sutton, James JAttending
Hansknecht, Brendan LNot Attending Sutton, Ryanne LAttending
Harmala, Heidi EAttending Sweeney, Dakota WAttending
Harmon, Melody Ann MAttending Sweeney, Kyle DAttending
Harrington, Cassandra AAttending Swim, Caitlin MAttending
Harrison, Allen MAttending Sylvester, Mark LAttending
Hauck, Ashley ENot Attending Taavola, Brandon RAttending
Haughey, Nicole EAttending Talbot, Shane TAttending
Havens, Joshua JAttending Tarvainen, Lucas RAttending
Heath, Bryan MAttending Taylor, Travis DAttending
Heckel, Lee BAttending Teahan, Christopher SAttending
Heckman, Daniel MAttending Tervo, Max MAttending
Heidelberger, Erin LAttending Tester-Riccardo, Zebulun HAttending
Heikkinen, Katie SAttending Tetzloff, Margaret EAttending
Heinz, Gabrielle GAttending Teufack Ngoussomo, Rene StevenAttending
Hendrick, Jack HAttending Thai, Traven VAttending
Hendricks, Jacob TAttending Thames, Keaton SAttending
Hendrickson, Jacob NAttending Thayer, Katherine EAttending
Henrickson, Amelia LAttending Thomas, Christa MAttending
Hensley, Connor JAttending Thomas, Matthew JAttending
Hernandez, Michael MAttending Thomas, Wiley GAttending
Heydrich, Eva MAttending Thompson, Christopher JAttending
Heyne Minehart, Cooper JNot Attending Thompson, Jacob MAttending
Hibner, Trenton MAttending Thompson, Ryan JAttending
Hierl, Nathan SNot Attending Thormodson, Christopher JAttending
Hill, Alex JNot Attending Tian, ZhongyuAttending
Hill, Caleb AAttending Tibbits, Zachary CAttending
Hilliard, NicholasAttending Tiber, Blake AAttending
Hitchiner, Alec WAttending Tidwell, Travis BAttending
Hjorth, Codie RAttending Tienhaara, Taylor MAttending
Hodges, Edward AAttending Tischer, ChelsieAttending
Hofer, Joseph CAttending Tocco, Matthew SAttending
Hogue, Colin MAttending Tolman, Kyle DAttending
Holmes, Robyn NAttending Torola, Paul DNot Attending
Hooper, Kalli RAttending Tovar-Prince, Benjamin DAttending
Hoover, Reuben CAttending Traynoff, Samuel RAttending
Howard, Melanie AAttending Tressler, Joseph HAttending
Hrubecky, Kyle DAttending Trine, David SAttending
Hubble, Alexander CAttending Trujillo-Lopez, Sergio AAttending
Huber, Peter CAttending Turkette, James BNot Attending
Hubert, Aaron MAttending Updike, Benjamin JAttending
Hubert, Jacob MAttending Uren, Joseph HAttending
Hughes, Megan MAttending Vadnais, Casey JAttending
Hummel, Gabrielle BAttending Valenti, Kyla LAttending
Hungwe, Manjere MAttending Van Camp, Cole MAttending
Inaury, Caroline Marlen GerarldaAttending Vanderstelt, Zachary CAttending
Ingram, TimothyAttending VanDrie, Aubrey JAttending
Itchue, Lucas BAttending VanDusen, Erin JAttending
Jackan, BradyAttending VanTiem, Owen DAttending
Jacks, Paul DAttending Varacalli, Amber CNot Attending
Jackson, Timothy JAttending Veenstra, Amanda GAttending
Jacoby, Amanda LAttending Verbeke, Michael TAttending
Jadin, Jackson TAttending Vermeylen, JosephAttending
Jakubos, Landon JAttending Verran, Rachel JAttending
Janquart, Jakob SAttending Vinod, AbhilashAttending
Jarchow, Erika SAttending Vogt, Paul HAttending
Jarvi, Joseph WAttending Voigt, Alex JAttending
Jasinski, Emily LAttending Volaski, Megan NAttending
Jensen, Charles EAttending Voss, Jacob TAttending
Jimenez, Andrew DAttending Waara, Allison RAttending
Johnson, Emil EAttending Wadaga, Jaclyn MAttending
Johnson, Ethan DAttending Wait, Maria EAttending
Johnson, Kyle TAttending Walcott, Jacob NAttending
Jones, Ian AAttending Walker, Alexandra BAttending
Jones, Sarah AAttending Walker, Amy JAttending
Jones, Seth CAttending Walker, Collin MNot Attending
Joseph, Benjamin TAttending Walther, Marissa LAttending
Joslin, Savannah MAttending Warburton, Michael HAttending
Joyal, Caleb TAttending Warner, Daniel GAttending
Jozefczyk, Nicholas GAttending Warner, Kira KAttending
Juarez, Tanya MAttending Warren, Taylor CAttending
Judd, Benjamin GAttending Washington, Ryan MNot Attending
Judge, Nathanael ZAttending Watson, Andrew BAttending
Juras, Kenneth AAttending Waugh, Jackson TAttending
Justen, Nils AAttending Webb, Paige NAttending
Justice, Jesse MNot Attending Weidensee, Emily JAttending
Kacynski, Jacob DAttending Weiss, Hailea MAttending
Kain, Marisa NAttending Welch, Abbie GAttending
Kaisler, Jacob MAttending Welch, Sonja RAttending
Kalke, Wyatt EAttending Wellach, Matthew JAttending
Kari, Jacob TAttending Wells, Lindsey JAttending
Kaspriak, Quinn INot Attending Wells, Tyler WAttending
Kaurala, Gregory ANot Attending Wentworth, Isobel LAttending
Keefer, Mackenzie SAttending Wenzel, Mark WAttending
Keen, Kathryn AAttending Wenzlick, Jacob RAttending
Keit, Alex EAttending Werthman, Michael DAttending
Kemp, MadelineNot Attending Wesley, George CAttending
Kemppainen, Joshua DAttending Wheatley, Anna CAttending
Kendziorski, Zachary TAttending Wheeler, Kaitlyn LAttending
Kenney, MatthewAttending Wheeler, Michael JNot Attending
Kent, Kayla LAttending Whitaker, Steven JAttending
Kenyon, Gilliane NAttending White, JordanAttending
Kessler, Jake KAttending Whitler, Jason RAttending
Kettelhut, Colton DAttending Whitman, Jeremy CAttending
Kieltyka, Jordan MAttending Wiitanen, Davin PAttending
Kim, Sue YonNot Attending Wilde, Sean RAttending
Kirkland, EmanuelAttending Willard, Samuel JAttending
Kirkland, Kevin LAttending Williams, Caitlin EAttending
Klebba, Katya SAttending Willig, Michael PNot Attending
Klein, Ethan MAttending Wilson, Christopher PAttending
Klinter, Benjamin RAttending Wing, Derek NAttending
Kluskens, Bernard EAttending Wisner, Grant BAttending
Kniat, Christian MAttending Woern, Aubrey LAttending
Knoester, Alyssa MAttending Woodall, Daniel JAttending
Koerber, Sarah EAttending Woodrum, Heather RAttending
Koerner, Adeline MAttending Worful, Jason HAttending
Koerner, Stefan GAttending Wray, Matthew AAttending
Kolesar, Timothy MAttending Wright, Benjamin AAttending
Koller, Cameron AAttending Wrubel, Paul JAttending
Korinek, Gregory JAttending Wuepper, Timothy RNot Attending
Kostreva, Eric JAttending Wuori, Dane RAttending
Kostreva, Rylie IAttending Wylin, Nicholas JAttending
Kovar, Quin BAttending Xia, YiranAttending
Kraft, Lily LAttending Yan, Daniel ENot Attending
Krettek, Warren JAttending Yarrington, Jameson AAttending
Kretzmann, Theodore DAttending Yesmukhanova, KamillaAttending
Krieg, Karleigh MNot Attending Zardus, Rebecca NNot Attending
Kriz, Seth AAttending Zhang, XinlinNot Attending
Kriz, Tessa KAttending Zhu, Helen XAttending
Kroening, Keegan PAttending Zrelak, Jacob JAttending
Kunnari, Cody WAttending Zubke, Andrea KAttending
Laajala, Morgan EAttending Zuleger, Travis JAttending
LaBelle, Nicholas JAttending Zwart, Jack DAttending
Labisch, Alan JAttending  
Lackey, Anthony RAttending  
Lacko, Samuel JAttending  
LaFave, Michelle LAttending  
LaFleur, Emma AAttending  
Laidlaw, Jacob MAttending  
Lalonde, Zachary EAttending  
LaMarche, Samuel DAttending  
Lamy, Kathryn EAttending  
Langfoss, Claire SAttending  
Larsen, Elise VAttending  
Larson, Bradley SAttending  
Larson, Erik JAttending  
Larson, Joseph EAttending  
Lau, Erin MAttending  
Lauscher, Dylan AAttending  
Lautenbach, Alexander JAttending  
Lay, Michael SAttending  
Lefevre, Miles JAttending  
Leibovitz, Mariel EAttending  
Lemmen, ErikNot Attending  
Lentz, Jeffrey MAttending  
Lentz, Kalvin WAttending  
Lenz, Suzannah JAttending  
Leopold, Emily SAttending  
LewAllen, Sarah EAttending  
Lickey, Kyle JAttending  
Lilla, Emily JAttending  
Lindeman, Blake AAttending  
Lindfors, Jonathon WAttending  
Lindsay, Jacob MAttending  
Lingle, Ashley HAttending  
Liu, ZongguangAttending  
Livingston, Sarah NAttending  
Loevaas, Martine HopeAttending  
Loiselle, Joshua TAttending  
Lorenz, Sarah BAttending  
Loring, Casey JAttending  
Lowney, Billy MAttending  
Lucchini, Jacob LAttending  
Luedtke, Zachary JAttending  
Lusk, Sean TAttending  
Lutey, James JAttending  
Lynch, Zachary JAttending