Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates are active in the research programs of chemical engineering faculty and staff.

Students may choose to take research for credit (variable, 1–3 credits) or they may find work doing research with a faculty member. It is also possible to obtain research internships off‐campus through, for example, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. For more on these opportunities, see the external research opportunities below. Up to six credits of undergraduate research coursework may be applied to the Chemical Engineering core engineering elective requirement. Additional credits may be used as free electives.

Watch Logan McMillan video
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Logan McMillan

Pavlis Honors College talks to Honors Student Logan McMillan at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

External Research Opportunities

“Right now we are doing a lot of variety of things in bio-processing, in nanomaterials, and sensing technologies.”Yixin Liu, assistant professor in the chemical engineering department