John Sandell

John Sandell


  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • PhD, Michigan Technological University


My research interests include researching issues related to engineering pedagogy, alternative materials utilization, fire protection, fire safety, and chemical process safety.

Fire Protection

The development of innovative fire suppression systems is an on-going problem especially in the chemical process industries. Specifically new advances in technology related to fire protection systems for processes and process structures is currently needed. New materials used in today's manufacturing facilities require advanced fire protection techniques and technologies. This will include the use of materials microscopy techniques including the development of novel uses of electron beam analytical techniques for engineering applications (electron microprobe and SEM focused).

Engineering Education

With the use of new technologies in today’s classroom, students are now exposed to a wide variety of multimedia approaches to teaching. As a result, there is a continuous need for college instructors to develop new and effective teaching techniques. This requires a comprehensive study focused on student behavior in a classroom setting.

Research Interests

  • Fire protection and environmental engineering