Faith A. Morrison

Faith A. Morrison


  • Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Associate Dean, Graduate School
  • PhD, University of Massachusetts
  • BSE, Chemical Engineering, Princeton University


Dr. Morrison's interests and expertise in the field of polymer rheology have culminated in two books with leading publishers, short courses, and research publications with collaborators in diverse fields. Morrison's recent focus is on engineering education, particularly devising the materials and methods that are needed to ensure effective education in a changing world. Morrison's courses are online through iTunesU, and as "DrMorrisonMTU" she maintains an active YouTube channel. She is the editor of the Rheology Bulletin and in 2015 received the Distinguished Service Award of the Society of Rheology.   

Links of Interest

Graduate Activities

  • Graduate Program Review
  • Graduate Program Assessment
  • Professional Development of Graduate Students
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Research Interests

  • Rheology
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Better Educational Materials


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