CNSA Curriculum

The Computer Network and System Administration (CNSA) degree prepares students to work in the area of computer network design, administration, and security. CNSA graduates are in high demand for their ability to design, secure and manage computer networks and enterprise IT systems in all sectors of the economy, including healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing, government, and research.

Adam Fulton

"I really like how invested the CNSA professors are in the classes. You end up developing great relationships with them"

—Adam Fulton, 2nd-year CNSA Major

Hands-on Learning

Through a lab-centric and situation-intensive program, CNSA students learn and obtain experience with technology relevant to industry and have the ability to design and implement advanced technologies.

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Major Requirements (120 Credit Hours)

A. CNSA Core Courses (64 Credit Hours)

B. Technical Electives List (3 Credit Hours)

  • ENT XXXX (2 credits), except ENT 3964, ENT 3950, ENT 4960
  • SAT 5000 Level (1 to 3 credits)

C. Culminating Experience (4 Credit Hours) 

  • SAT4480 + SAT4880 OR ENT4900 / ENT4910 + ENT4960

D. Math and Science (18-19 Credit Hours)

  • MA1160(4)--Calculus with Technology I OR MA1161(5)--Calculus Plus w/ Technology I
  • MA2320(2)--Elementary Linear Algebra
  • MA2720(4)--Statistical Methods
  • SAT3830(1)--Discrete Structures for Computing
  • Science Elective with Lab (4): PH1140 + PH1141
  • Science Elective(3)

E. Other General Education Requirements (24 Credit Hours + 3 Co-Curricular Units)

1. Gen Ed Core Requirements (12 credits):

  • UN 1015 (3)
  • UN 1025 (3)
  • Critical and Creative Thinking (3)
  • Social Responsibility & Ethical Reasoning (3)

2. Gen Ed HASS Requirements (12 credits):

  • Communication and Composition (3)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (3)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (3)
  • HASS Elective (3)

3. Co-curricular Requirements (3 semester units = 3 credits)  

F. Free Elective (3-4 Credit Hours)