Card Tap or Logbook

ACMAL facility users at Michigan Tech are accountable for their usage session through a card tap or logbook system. Review each instrument page for its access type. There may also be logbooks for supplies, such as cantilever tips.

Card Tap Instructions

Do Once

Your account information must be stored in the computer prior to first use. Give the following information to one of the EOF lab staff, who will place it in the system. Please give the staff sufficient time for this. You may submit information by email.

  • Advisor’s name and contact information
  • Your department
  • Your account number

Do Each Time

  1. Reserve the instrument as usual.
  2. On the instrument computer, place the cursor into the ID Card field of the logbook software.
  3. Tap your Michigan Tech ID through the card reader. (This replaces the card swipe action.)
  4. A menu will appear that prompts you to select an account number and instrument to use for that session.
  5. After you select an account number, the timer will begin running and the instrument will be activated for use. NOTE: The instrument will not operate without the required information.
  6. A timer runs until you tap again to end your session.

Frequently Asked Questions