Seedling Research Funding

The Applied Chemical and Morphological Analysis Laboratory (ACMAL) is funding Seedling Research Funding Opportunities. ACMAL is committing a total $4000 to support pre-proposal research within the facility. This funding is intended to fund initial investigations and data collection in support of proposals seeking external funding for new research.


Proposals will be accepted from Michigan Tech tenured, tenure-track, and research faculty, post doctoral researchers, and staff.


Awards will be reviewed and funded on a rolling basis while funds are available. Proposals should be less than $1,000, The funds must be spent in the awarding facility, and may be used for either tool and/or staff time. A separate index will not be provided. The facility will fund use-fees and staff time up to the award amount out of a Facility managed index. Applicants are encouraged to pursue matching funds from their affiliated Centers, Institutes and/or departments to enhance their research effort. ACMAL staff will be available to assist in interactions with Centers, Institutes, and Departments.

Terms and Conditions

Funding must be utilized by the end of the calendar year. Any unexpended funds will be retained by the funding facility.

Proposal Submission Data
Required Elements Description
Principal Investigator The Name and Role of the Principal Investigator
Department The Department of the PI
Affiliated Centers or Institutes Any Centers or Institutes that the PI is affiliated with and that match the scope the proposed work
Proposal Title A short descriptive title for the proposed work 
Requested Funds The total amount requested for work in ACMAL
Instruments to be utilized Check all instruments that you anticipate utilizing within the facility
Proposal document Short document summarizing the scope of the work and anticipated budget—See below
Proposal Document (2 pages)
Required Elements Description Limits
Narrative Include a description of your project, your rationale, what makes this project novel and your anticipated impact in terms of benefit to society. 1 page
Next Steps Describe how the results of the seed grant will be used to secure additional externally sponsored research, including the names of agencies and funding programs; contribute to interdisciplinary ideas; and include a timeline for proposal development. Consider using a graphic or table. 1/2 page
Instrument Use and Budget Include a detailed description of the planned instrument use and budget needed to complete the work. Facility staff can assist in preparing budgets. If the requested funds will not cover the necessary work, please detail how the additional work will be funded. 1/2 page
References List any references cited in the narrative. N/A

Merit Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed and awarded by ACMAL leadership based on  the following criteria:

  • Proposal is of interest to external sponsors or funding programs
    • Demonstrates high probability of leading to externally funded research
  • Proposal demonstrates sound scientific merit
  • Proposal is well written and organized
  • Proposal budget is realistic based on the proposed work to be performed

Questions will be addressed by emailing

Applications may be submitted online.

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