Applied Chemical and Morphological Analysis Laboratory
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Facility Users

Campus Users

While the majority of facility users are Michigan Tech graduate student researchers, all campus researchers and academic units are welcome to use this central research facility.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates with proper training are welcome to use the facility.

Guest Researchers from Off Campus

ACMAL welcomes researchers from industry and other academic institutions. Please familiarize yourself with the EOF Guest User Policy. Contact Owen Mills for assistance and scheduling.


ACMAL staff give tours and demonstrations for visitors and class groups.

Course Use

The facilities are used in various microscopy courses. ACMAL is a non-academic service facility. Use for academic coursework is encouraged, but can only be accommodated when it will not interfere with campus research.

Faculty planning to use ACMAL and the director’s time must make arrangements with the director in advance, prior to scheduling ACMAL use in a course syllabus and at least one semester before the course starts.