Mission, Vision, Goals

Mission statement: The mission of The Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being is to promote and advance the health and well-being of our students.

We serve as the connection point for mental health and well-being at Michigan Tech, delivering mental health therapy, as well as well-being education and programming to Michigan Tech students. Our services are culturally-conscious, innovative, and evidence-based.

Vision: Create a culture of well-being at Michigan Tech, focusing on mental health support, health education, and well-being events and programming.

Goals: under construction

Well-being Definition: At Michigan Tech, we define well-being as a holistic approach to a well-balanced life, with a focus on mental health, physical & sexual health, academic & career success, and social fulfillment.

Rationale: Evidence supports that people who have higher levels of well-being are more: engaged, productive, and satisfied; perform at higher academic levels; have lower absenteeism; and are at lower risk for chronic health problems.