Recycling and Reuse

Michigan Tech recycles about 140 tons of material each year, diverting it from the landfill and giving it a second life.  We also have unique programs to help encourage reuse on campus and the community, including the HuskyFANfood pantry, the Clothing Closet free store in Douglass Houghton Hall (DHH), and the Husky Exchange green move-in and move-out program in all residence halls.

Single Stream Recycling

Michigan Tech uses single-stream recycling for most common recyclable items.  The following items can be mixed in any marked recycling bin around campus:    

recycle bin

In the Bin for the Win!





Copy Paper                      Plastic Bottles

Cardboard                       Beverage Containers

Newspaper                      Plastic Jugs

Magazines/Catalogs        Metal Cans

Envelopes                        Pizza Boxes (clean & empty)

Greeting Cards                Books

Snack/Cereal Boxes         Jars/Lids

File Folders                      Paper Bags

 Less common recyclable items:

small batteries recycling

Small Batteries - Every major building now has a battery recycling bin for small batteries.  We collect and deliver the batteries to Remy Battery in Houghton.  All Tech employees and students receive a discount on products at Remy as a benefit.  Look for these clear tubes around campus to recycle your small batteries.


E-Waste - We are developing a system for recycling personal electronics.  For now, please follow these instructions or contact IT for proper disposal of E-Waste by sending an email to for pick up and disposal. Some items do have a cost for disposal.

special recycling bins on campus

Plastic bags/film, razors, toothbrushes, writing utensils:  Look for the special bins in Wadsworth Hall (Main lobby by cafeteria), McNair (Main lobby by front desk), and the Library (first floor, just inside 24 hour entrance).

For an extensive list of how to properly donate, recycle, or dispose of materials, visit the Copper Country Recycling Initiative website linked below.

copper country recycling initiative

Questions?  Reach out to us at