Recycling and Reuse

Michigan Tech is committed to reducing waste on campus through recycling, composting, and repurposing items whenever possible. We currently divert about 140 tons of material each year from the landfill and are working on increasing that number through targeted programs on campus.

We also have unique programs to help encourage waste reduction among our campus community:

Recycling Programs  

recycle bin

Single Stream Recycling

Books • Beverage Containers • Cardboard • Cards/Envelopes • Copy Paper • Cardboard • File Folders • Glass Jars & Lids • Magazines/Catalogs • Metal Cans • Newspaper • Paper Bags • Plastic Bottles/Jugs

All items must be clean and empty, free of food residue

Small battery recycling bin

Small Household/Office

Batteries (AA, AAA, D, etc.) are accepted in these clear tubes around campus. We collect and deliver the batteries to Remy Battery (1550 Brickyard Lane, Houghton) and as a result, all MTU employees and students receive a discount on Remy products.

Plastic bags recycling bin

Plastic Bags and Films

Grocery Bags • Ice Bags • Reclosable Food Storage Bags • Cereal Box Liners • Case Overwrap • Bread Bags • Newspaper Sleeves • Dry Cleaning Bags • Bubble Wrap • Plastic Shipping Envelopes

All items must be clean, dry, and free of food and organic residue

Through a partnership with Tadych’s Marketplace, the plastic film collected goes to Trex to live a second life as composite decking. For more information and a complete list of acceptable items, visit NexTrex.

special recycling bins on campus

Razors, Toothbrushes, and Writing Utensils

Look for these special bins in Wadsworth Hall (main lobby by cafeteria), McNair (main lobby by front desk), and the Library (first floor, just inside 24 hour entrance).



IT recycles many common electronic devices such as computers, laptop batteries, cameras, and printers. You may email or call 906-487-1111 for more information.


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