Michigan Tech aims to be a leader in demonstrating sustainability through the campus experience. The campus is a member of the EPA Green Power Partnership and, through the Green Campus Enterprise, is actively accounting for the campus carbon footprint. There are composting and recycling initiatives on campus. The Sustainability Demonstration House at Michigan Tech provides an opportunity for experiential learning and living for Michigan Tech students. Michigan Tech is a member of The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and is ranked by AASHE as a STARS Silver campus. There are many student organizations on campus that focus on sustainability and engage in sustainability related activities. For the full list of student organizations on campus, see

Learn more about Michigan Tech's electricity, trash, water, and wastewater systems and about how to live more sustainably on campus!

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  • 34.48 Tons
     Monthly Solid Waste Disposal July 2021
  • 10.68 Tons

     Monthly Waste Recycling July 2021

  • 23.65%

     Monthly Diversion Rate July 2021

Interim Campus Goals for Sustainability

Waste Diversion

Under the guiding principles of reducing consumption and waste generation, Michigan Technological University will strive to achieve a solid waste diversion rate of 18%.

Community Awareness

Under a cooperative approach to sustainability between campus operations, education, and research, the University will foster a culture of sustainability practitioners for students, faculty, and staff.

Recycling Access

Utilizing proven best practices, the University will create a campus experience that ensures that students, faculty, and staff have consistent access to recycling resources.

Standardization and Collaboration

The University will coordinate campus recycling initiatives to ensure that practices are visible, consistent, and clearly communicated from a centralized sustainability hub.