Policy 505.1

(Proposal 13-01)
(Proposal 22-16)

Senate Policy 505.1


A. Introductory Statement
It is the purpose of this policy to facilitate continuing improvement in faculty instruction and inclusion at
Michigan Technological University. Properly implemented, it will provide students a formal mechanism
to provide constructive feedback early in a teaching term for the immediate identification of ways of
improving a course in progress, including a need for supplemental material, difficulties with classroom
presentations, other elements of a particular course, and classroom environment. The feedback
device is a written survey of the students, administered and read by the instructor alone.

B. Administering the Early-Term Survey
It is recommended that each class of 10 or more students be supplied with a simple instructional
survey form early in the semester. This could be done as an attachment to the course syllabus, or as a
handout. During the fourth or fifth week of the semester the instructor would encourage students to
complete the survey and turn it in at a convenient location. The survey could also be completed during
class time or through an online form. The surveys should be collected to maintain student anonymity if
the students wish.

It is recommended that these three questions be used as part of the survey:

  • What about this course, or my teaching, is helping you to learn?
  • What could I change about this course, or my teaching, that would improve your learning?
  • How can we (you as a student and I as the instructor) improve the classroom environment to
    make this class more inclusive?

Faculty may add additional questions to the survey to elicit student opinions on particular attributes of
the course, e.g., on course materials, teaching methods, presentation style, pedagogical methods, etc.

C. Evaluation of the Survey
After administering the survey, the instructor should read the responses noting frequently-mentioned
items, and substantive criticisms and suggestions. It would be incumbent on the faculty member to
take the appropriate steps to correct problems identified. The faculty member is also encouraged to
discuss in class the notable points made by the students, indicating whether and how the course
might be modified.

Disposition of the survey forms is at the instructor's discretion.



Proposal 13-01:
Adopted by Sen ate: April 25, 2001
Approved by President: May 2, 200 1

Proposal 22-16:
Introduced to Senate: 02 March 2016
Approved by Senate: 23 March 2016
Approved by Administration: 06 Apr il 2016
Editorial change: 25 January 2017