Scheduling of Evening Examinations

Regular exams are exams and quizzes that are not defined as final examinations. Evening exams are regular exams held outside of scheduled class times, usually after 6 p.m.

Regular exams should be given during scheduled class meeting times when possible. Students required to take an evening exam shall be excused from one scheduled class.

Evening examinations must be arranged through the scheduling office to avoid conflicts and to allow effective use of University resources. Evening exams should be scheduled for 6-7 p.m., Monday-Thursday. The University shall not schedule classes for this time period.

Faculty scheduling evening exams must provide alternative examination times for students with the following conflicts: 

  1. In the case of two conflicting evening exams (inside or outside the 6-7 p.m. period), the larger class has priority.
  2. In the case of an evening exam conflicting with regularly scheduled class, the class has priority over the exam.

Regular exams shall not be given on Friday evenings, nor on Saturday or Sunday.

Senate Policy 601.1

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