Faculty Handbook

3.2.5 Class Times

Normally lecture and recitation courses meet for 50 minutes of instruction for each credit assigned to the class. A laboratory course typically meets for 100 to 150 minutes for each credit assigned to the laboratory course or the laboratory component of a course. For an undergraduate course the expectation is approximately two hours of work outside of class for each lecture or recitation credit.

A typical three credit course meets three days a week for 50 minutes each day or two days a week for 75 minutes each day.

Classes normally start at five minutes past the hour or half-hour. For example, a three credit class meeting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday might be scheduled from 9:05 until 9:55. A three credit class scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday might be scheduled from 8:05 until 9:20 or from 9:35 until 10:50.

When a classroom is used sequentially by different instructors, use of the room in the interval between classes should be determined informally, collegially, and equitably. Formally, however, the interval is to be divided equally between the instructors. For example, if a room is scheduled for one class until 10:55 and for another class at 11:05, then the outgoing instructor may use the room until 11 when the incoming instructor may begin to use the room.

Senate Policy 103.1

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