Policy 304.1

(Proposal 25-94)
(Proposal 20-12)

Senate Policy 304.1

Final grades are the basis for admission to advanced courses, computation of grade point
averages, the determination of academic honors or probation, scholarship status, etc. They are
of fundamental importance to each student. Consequently, grade records must be maintained
with meticulous accuracy and promptness.

Details of grades and scheduling are given in the University Catalogs.

The following procedures shall normally be followed by instructors:

  • The instructor of record, for each course or section, is requested to submit grades
    electronically within 48 hours of their scheduled final exam. All grades are to be submitted
    by the specified deadline. If an instructor, because of illness or other unavoidable
    absence, is unable to meet this deadline, the department chair (or school dean/director)
    will arrange for assistance to ensure final grades are submitted on time.
  • When a final grade (i.e., a grade other than Incomplete (I), Conditional (X), or Progress
    (P)) has been submitted, it becomes a part of the official records of the University, and no
    one other than the faculty member, or the department chair (or school dean/director) is
    authorized to change it.
  • When submitting an Incomplete ‘I’ grade, documentation listing the reason for assigning
    the grade and the requirements needed to change the ‘I’ to a final grade is required.
  • When submitting a Failing ‘F’ grade, the last date of attendance is required (if the exact
    date is unknown, approximate the date based on the last exam or assignment).
  • Grade changes can be made online through BanWeb by the instructor of record. In the
    event that the instructor is unavailable, changes can be made by the department chair (or
    school dean/director) using change-of-grade forms which are obtained from the
    Registrar’s Office. Normally, this is only done if there was an identifiable error in reporting
    the final grade (e.g., this could be due to an error in computing the grade, missing
    assignments that were discovered, etc).
  • The change-of-grade process outlined above will also be used for changing a grade from
    Incomplete (I), Conditional (X), or Progress (P) to a final grade. (Senate Proposal 25-94)

Development of Proposal 25-94:
26 Jan 1994: Senate President asks the Instructional Policy Committee to review the Faculty Handbook section
titled Course Grades.
19 Apr 1994: Instructional Policy Committee transmits a revision of the section to Senate officers.
25 Apr 1994: Senate officers assign proposal number 25-94 to policy. The background and history of the proposal
are added.
27 Apr 1994: Proposal 25-94 Course Grades is sent to senators for consideration on the Senate floor.
11 May 1994: Proposal 25-94 is approved by the Senate.
19 May 1994: Proposal 25-94 is transmitted to the administration.
06 Feb 2008: Proposal 13-08 "Revision to Reflect Conversion from Quarters to Semesters"
13 Feb 2008: Proposal 13-08 Adopted by Senate
16 Feb 2008: Proposal 13-08 Approved by Administration

Proposal 20-12:
Adopted by Senate: 18 April 2012
Approved by Administration: 08 May 2012