Procedure 202.1.1

Procedure on Consensual Relationships
(University Policy 1.03)
(Senate Proposal 22-02)

Senate Procedure 202.1.1

Coordinating Policy 202.1


If an employee becomes willingly involved in a consensual relationship, including partner/spousal
relationships, with any student or employee for whom they have responsibility as described in
Consensual Relations policy, the employee must immediately disclose in writing the circumstances to
their immediate supervisor.

The immediate supervisor must promptly develop and implement a management plan to eliminate any
decision making responsibility or conflict of interest between parties. This management plan shall be
documented by the supervisor and placed in the departmental file. If there is a conflict of interest for
the immediate supervisor, the supervisor's supervisor or the appropriate vice president will take the
supervisor's place in this process. If immediate supervisor changes, the departmental file shall follow the
Employee to their newly appointed supervisor.



Senate Policy 202.1
Adopted by Senate through Proposal 22-02: 9 April 2003
Approved by President: 19 May 2003
University Committee on Consensual Relations Updated University Policy 1.03: 01 January 2019
Editorial Changes to Policy Approved by University Senate Executive Committee: 03 April 2019
Senate Policy Revised to Match Current University Policy 1.03 and Senate Procedure 202.1.1
Created: 08 April 2019