Add/Drop Refund and University Withdrawal

  • The following schedule applies to students who add/drop courses, but otherwise remain enrolled at the University.
  • Specific dates and refund details for the current semester are available in the Academic Calendar.
  • Refer to Enrollment Requirements for Financial Aid for additional information on the assessment of tuition and fees.

Add/Drop and Refund Schedule

Part of Term Last date to add or drop a course with a 100% refund*
Last date to drop a course with no grade Last date to drop a course with a grade of W
Full Term
(14 Weeks)
Wednesday of 2nd Week Friday of 3rd Week Friday of 10th Week
First Half of Term — Track A
(7 Weeks)
Fourth day of 1st Week Wednesday of 2nd Week Friday of 5th Week
Second Half of Term — Track B
(7 Weeks)
Fourth day of 8th Week Wednesday of 9th Week Friday of 12th Week

*Students withdrawing from the University or dropping all courses will receive a refund according to the University Withdrawal Schedule below.

University Withdrawal Schedule

The following tuition adjustment schedule applies when students drop ALL classes and leave the University. This does NOT apply to students making schedule adjustments who otherwise remain enrolled at Michigan Tech. Refunds for classes offered in a time module other than a fourteen week semester will be prorated according to this schedule and the equivalent percentage of time. Refunds of room and board charges will be pro-rated by the number of weeks used.

Time of Withdrawal Refund Percentage
1st Week—Through Wednesday 100%
1st Week—Thursday and Friday 90%
2nd Week 80%
3rd Week 70%
4th Week 60%
5th Week 50%
6th Week 40%
7th Week or Later 0%