Workload Expectations

Workload expectations of graduate students are a balance of the time commitments for coursework, teaching duties (GTA/GTI), and research duties (GRA).

Students who are enrolled are expected to work on their research or coursework according to graduate school policy.

Coursework and Research Credits

One credit should average 3.5 hours of a student's time per week for one semester. One hour in class and 2.5 hours in individual study is a typical division. The 3.5 hours commitment per credit also applies to students enrolled in  research credits. On average, a graduate student enrolled in 9 credits of research should spend 31.5 hours per week on their research.

Teaching Commitments

Students who are supported by a GRA, GTA, GTI, GADI, etc. are expected to perform work for the University at the rate of 20 hours per week for a full appointment. This 20 hours per week is *IN ADDITION* to the amount of time a student spends working on their coursework or research for the credits in which they are enrolled. These graduate appointments are considered to be part-time jobs which provide some financial assistance to students so that they can pursue their degrees on a full time basis.

Total Time Commitment

The sum of coursework/research and teaching commitments is more than 40 hours per week, but less than 60 hours per week. The most successful students are those who focus their attention on achieving the intended outcomes for their courses and research.