Faculty Timeline

This timeline represents physics faculty at Michigan Technological University from 1889 to current. The bulk of the data was extracted from Michigan Mining School, Michigan College of Mines, Michigan College of Mining and Technology and Michigan Tech catalogs and directories and is thus only approximate. Information here should not be construed to represent official employment records. Only regular teaching faculty are included.

After 1900, only instructors who served more than three years and/or later had a professorial rank are included. Only assistants who later had professorial rank or instructor rank and only Lecturers who served more than three years and/or later had a senior lecturer or professorial rank are included.


George Herbert Perkins

Arthur Edwin Haynes

to U Minn

Walter John Baldwin

Fred Walter McNair

MCM President

James Fisher, Jr

Dean of Faculty

Nathan Sanford Osborne

Back to NBS

Samuel Walter Osgood, Jr

To Mineralogy

Charles Duval Hohl

Elmer Daniel Grant

To Earlham College

Charles Edmund Haigler

Clement Eugene Rood

To Albion College

Herbert Edwin Jordan

William Anderson

To Mechanical Engineering

Albert Sobey

Intelligence Service

Everett Louis Sheldon

Leo Francis Duggan

To Math and Registrar

Harold Merton Royal

Died in 1923

Robert Rex Seeber

To Mechanical Engineering Until 1948

John Marcus Harrington

To Math (Department Head)

Fay L. Partlo

President, South Dakota School of Mines

William A. Longacre

Otto F. Ritzmann

To Lehigh, Gulf Oil

Thomas C. Sermon


C. George "Toby" Stipe

To Math

Carl H. Knaebel

To Math

John M. Gaffney

To Read Manufacturing Company, PA

Irwin Roman

To Bur Mines and Geological Survey

Jerry H. Service


Nels Johnson

Albert G. Oswald

Edwin G. Spacie

To Math

Thomas E. Vichich

To Math

Chester J. Pratt

Robert A. Janke

To Botany

Walter T. Andersen

To Electrical Engineering

William F. Gilbert

To Argonne

Paul R. Hinzmann

Donald H. Baker

Walter H. Koepp

To Forestry

Horst M. Schillbach

D.O. "Doc" Wyble


David Chimino

Arthur F. Carlson

To Soo

Marvin L. Coon, Jr

USN and UG

Julius C. Miller

Lloyal O. Bacon

To Geology

H. Rees Mitchell

Richard Warren


Paul Shandley

Administrative Assistant

Harry L. Crawford

Soo Director

Robert H. Mount

Donald Yerg

Dean, Graduate School

Robert W. Champion

Soo and LSSU

Gordon E. Frantti

To Geology

Rolland O. Keeling, Jr

Philip N. Parks

Keith M. Baldwin

Dean W. Stebbins

Dean, VPA

Donald A. Daavetilla

Sung M. Lee

Dean, Graduate School

Abdul R. Rana

To West Virginia Institute of Technology

Klaus F. Rossberg

To Oklahoma City University

Charles E. Mandeville

Gary P. Agin

An-Ti Chai

UF, NASA Lewis

Vasant R. Potnis

Joseph A. Leu

Robert A. Mann

David J. Lucas


Ian Shepard

Phyllis Gildersleeve

Ruben R. Hoyer

Purusottam Jena


Kuo-Hua Lee

Robert S. Weidman

Donald R. Beck

Samson A. Marshall

Mark L. Huberman

To Ford, Occidental College

A. Barry Kunz

Dean of Engineering and EE

Truman Woodruff

Chris Woodward

Dayton, OH

Bryan H. Suits

James T. Waber

Dale Yoder-Short

Maximillian J. Seel

Dean, Sciences and Arts

Mark H. North

John Jaffe

David J. Keeble

Ravindra Pandey

Aleksandra Borysow/Jorgensen

On Leave

Jacek Borysow

Alexander B. Kostinski

Warren Perger

Electrical Engineering

Edward M. Nadgorny

Michael S. Wertheim

John A. Jaszczak

James F. Cordaro

J. Bruce Rafert

Dean, Graduate School

Christ Ftaclas

Robert Nemiroff

Michael J. Renn

Ulrich Hansmann

David F. Nitz

Raymond A. Shaw

Ken Morgan

Miguel Levy

Materials Science

Peter Moran

Materials Science

Yoke Khin Yap

Will H. Cantrell

Brian E. Fick

Ranjit Pati

Michael Meyer


Kim Fook Lee

To Northwestern

Claudio Mazzoleni

Petra Hüntemeyer

Ramy El-Ganainy

Jae Yong Suh

Katrina Black

Issei Nakamura

Elena Giusarma

Kartik Iyer