John A. Jaszczak

John Jaszczak


  • Professor, Physics
  • Affiliated Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, and Cognitive and Learning Sciences
  • Adjunct Curator, A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum
  • PhD, Physics, Ohio State University
  • MS, Physics, Ohio State University
  • BS (Highest Honors), Physics, Case Western Reserve University

Research Description

Professor Jaszczak's research focuses on theory and computer modeling of materials. His current work focuses on single-electron transistor devices, in collaboration with the experimental groups of Dr. Y. K. Yap (Physics) and Dr. Paul Bergstrom (Electrical and Computer Engineering). He also studies materials in which interfaces, such as surfaces, grain boundaries, or interphase boundaries, play an important role. He uses a collection of simulation methods including Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics, as well as numerical and analytical techniques.

Dr. Jaszczak also has interests in the elastic properties of superlattices, phase transitions at surfaces, crystal shapes, crystal growth, and nanotechnology education.

Reserach Interests

  • Theoretical condensed matter physics
  • Theory and modeling of single-electron transport devices
  • Modeling and simulation of properties of interfaces and interface materials
  • Atomistic computational physics of surface phases and surface dynamics
  • Crystal growth
  • Mineralogy of natural graphite

Recent Publications

  • "Merelaniite, Mo4Pb4VSbS15, a New Molybdenum-Essential Member of the Cylindrite Group, from the Merelani Tanzanite Deposit, Lelatema Mountains, Manyara Region, Tanzania." Jaszczak, J.A.; Rumsey, M.S.; Bindi, L.; Hackney, S.A.; Wise, M.A.; Stanley, C.J.; Spratt, J. Minerals 6, 115, (2016). Read More
  • “New Flexible Channels for Room Temperature Tunneling Field Effect Transistors.” B. Hao, A. Asthana, P. K. Hazaveh, P. Bergstrom, D. Banyai*, M. Savaikar*, J. A. Jaszczak, and Y. K. Yap. Scientific Reports 6, 20293 (2016). Read More
  • “Simulation of charge transport in multi-island tunneling devices: Application to disordered one-dimensional systems at low and high bias.” M. A. Savaikar, D. Banyai, P. L. Bergstrom, and J. A. Jaszczak. (2013) Journal of Applied Physics.
  • “Room Temperature Tunneling Behaviors of Boron Nitride Nanotubes Functionalized with Gold Quantum Dots.” C. H. Lee, M. A. Savaikar, J. S. Wang, B. Y. Hao, D. Y. Zhang, D. Banyai, J. A. Jaszczak, and Y. K. Yap. Advanced Materials (2013). DOI: 10.1002/adma.201301339 Read More
  • “Nanotech Innovations Enterprise at Michigan Technological University.” J. A. Jaszczak, E. M. Bouta, and M. B. Raber. Journal of Nano Education 5 (2013) 27-43.
  • “Miracle at Merelani: A remarkable occurrence of graphite, diopside and associated minerals from the Karo Pit, Block D, Merelani Hills, Arusha Region, Tanzania.” J. A. Jaszczak. Rocks & Minerals 88, 154-165 (2013). Read More
  • "Word to the Wise: Raman spectroscopy in the identification and study of minerals." J. A. Jaszczak. Rocks & Minerals 88, 184-189 (2013). Read More
  • "Relationship between structure, morphology, and carbon isotopic composition of graphite in marbles: Implications for calcite-graphite carbon isotope thermometry." M. Satish-Kumar, J. A. Jaszczak, T. Hamamatsu, and H. Wada. American Mineralogist 96 470-485 (2011). Read More
  • "The graphites of New York: Scientific and aesthetic surprises." J. A. Jaszczak, S. C. Chamberlain and G. W. Robinson. Rocks & Minerals 84, 502-519 (2009). Read More
  • "Developing Nano Education at a Technological University: Science, Technology and Societal Implications of Nano." J. A. Jaszczak and B. E. Seely.In: Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education: Issues, Trends and Future Directions, A. E. Sweeney and S. Seal, Eds. American Scientific Publishers (2008) 591-619.
  • "Micro- and nano-scale graphite cones and tubes from Hackman Valley, Kola Peninsula, Russia," J. A. Jaszczak, S. Dimovski, S. A. Hackney, G. W. Robinson, P. Bosio, and Y. Gogotsi. Canadian Mineralogist 45, 379-389 (2007). Read More
  • "Mechanism for Spatial Organization in Quantum Dot Self-Assembly," D. Gao, A. S. Kaczysnki, and J. A. Jaszczak, Applied Physics Letters 86, 133102 1-3 (2005). Also published in Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology 11(13), April 4, 2005.
  • "Naturally occurring graphite cones," J. A. Jaszczak, G. W. Robinson, S. Dimovski and Y. Gogotsi, Carbon 41 2085-2092 (2003). Read More

Recent Courses Taught

  • UN 2600 Fundamentals of Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • PH 2100 University Physics I- Mechanics
  • PH 2200 University Physics II- Electricity and Magnetism
  • PH2260 Honors Physics III
  • PH 3110/3111 Theoretical Mechanics I/II