Massimo Moraldi

Massimo Moraldi


  • Adjunct Professor, Physics


Massimo Moraldi is a Professor of Physics at University of Florence, Italy. He began his career as a scientific fellow at the Institute of Quantum Electronics, National Research Council (CNR) where he worked on the problems related to the Raman scattering from compressed rare gases, in particular the depolarized Raman spectrum. He spent several years at The University of Texas at Austin working on numerical methods for the calculation of line shapes for the collisional induced spectroscopy. At the same time, he has developed a semiclassical method for the study of the thermodynamical properties of solids. Moraldi has been collaborating for many years with Professor Borysow at Michigan Tech, working in Collision Absorption Spectroscopy in the Infrared region. He worked at Tech as NATO Fellow developing methods to extract information on the intermolecular potential from the analysis of roto-translational Raman spectra.

In most recent years Moraldi has been studying the Raman spectrum of pure hydrogen at high pressure. The positions of the three Raman lines of the hydrogen triplet have been measured up to pressures of about one megabar. He has developed theory, which describes experiment with a great accuracy. He discovered that the irreducible three-and four bodies interactions in the intermolecular potential must be taken into account in order to calculate the correct position of the triplet lines.