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Michigan Tech biochemist Tarun Dam with a solution containing lectin, used to study how an important class of biomolecules react in the body. Sarah Bird photo

Breakthrough Understanding of Biomolecules Could Lead to New and Better Drugs

August 22, 2014
By Marcia Goodrich

Conventional wisdom says that the scaffold in an important class of biological molecules called glycoconjugates is essentially inert. Work led by Michigan Tech chemist Tarun Dam suggests otherwise.

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Nanoscale integrated circuits are so complex that software used by computer chip designers hasn't kept up with the hardware. Zhuo Feng hopes to remedy that with a $400,000 NSF CAREER Award. Wikimedia Commons image by Antoinebercovici

Zhuo Feng Gets CAREER Award to Develop New Tools for Nanoscale Computer Chip Design

August 5, 2014
By Marcia Goodrich

With tens of billions of transistors on a single chip, design software is having trouble keeping up with the hardware. Feng hopes to change that.

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Just as kinetic energy can move through pendulums, scientists have shown that light energy can be transferred from one waveguide to another by applying the mysterious concept of supersymmetry. Thinkstock image

A Little Light Magic

July 29, 2014
By Marcia Goodrich

An optical twist to a puzzle of particle physics could lead to innovations in applications as varied as lasers and high-speed data transmission.

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Guiliang Tang aims to decode the genetics of food crops, leading to more productive, disease-resistant varieties. Thinkstock photo

Tang Receives $2.5 Million Grant to Enhance Knowledge of Crop Genetics

July 11, 2014
By Marcia Goodrich

A step toward tougher plants and bigger harvests,

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Tolou Shokuhfar

Study of Key Biomolecule Earns Tolou Shokuhfar CAREER Award

July 1, 2014
By Marcia Goodrich

Her new technique lets her observe ferritin's behavior  at the atomic level and gain insight into how it malfunctions and causes disease.

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Before There Was C, There Was N: How Humans Derailed the Nitrogen Cycle and Are Trying to Put It Back on Track

June 27, 2014
By Marcia Goodrich

Hugh Gorman's look at humanity's effort to lighten its nitrogen footprint.

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Michigan Tech graduate student Alida Mau carrying an instrument used to measure photosynthesis up a mountain in Luquillo Experimental Forest, part of the El Yunque National Forest. Ohoto: Tana Wood

Will Climate Change Hurt Tropical Rainforests? Scientists Study the Effects of Warming on Puerto Rican Forest

June 26, 2014
By Jennifer Donovan

Michigan Tech tree physiologist leads study of the effects of climate change on tropical rainforests. 

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Yue Li in front of the Helsinki Cathedral in Finland

Michigan Tech Earthquake Expert Wants to Make Nuclear Power Plants Safer

June 25, 2014
By Erika Vichcales

A Michigan Tech civil engineering professor is working in Finland to address earthquake threats to nuclear power plants. 

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night shot

Geoscientists Without Borders Helping Guatemalans Monitor Pacaya Volcano

June 24, 2014
By Dennis Walikainen

Helping villagers stay safe: that's the goal of Michigan Tech researchers.

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Digging. Listening. Connecting: Cliff Mine Work Uncovers Knowledge, Family

June 16, 2014
By Dennis Walikainen

An archeological dig in Cliff Mine of Keweenaw County is uncovering the past and some family history along the way.

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