Rail Transportation Education

Rail education at Michigan Tech combines coursework, field trips, and research projects. Students can pursue internships, scholarships, and hands-on opportunities.

The Rail Transportation Program (RTP) also values pre-University education. We design programs to help prepare you for a rail industry career.


The RTP is multi-disciplinary and open to a wide range of degree programs for undergraduate students.

Students can either complete a series of courses applicable to the minor in Rail Transportation, or simply take individual courses. Below, you will find the courses offered by RTP. Additionally, students may participate in Enterprise projects and rail-centered Senior Design projects.

Minor in Rail Transportation

Become an effective specialist or leader in the railroad industry.

Learn more about the Rail Transportation minor curriculum.

Rail Industry Scholarships

The railroad industry offers opportunities across the spectrum of disciplines.

Learn more about Michigan Tech RTP scholarships and industry scholarships.


RTP works with industry companies to build summer internships and co-op positions.

Youth and Pre-University Programs

Summer Youth Program: Tracks to the Future—Rail and Intermodal Transportation

This summer event is open to high school students. Hybrid activities include virtual classrooms, travel to host Universities, and engaging in activities like field visits at the host University. Tracks to the Future is supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration. Students learn that railroads are the high-tech and environmentally sensitive transportation mode. Railroads remain the most energy-efficient mode of transportation. Participants engage with faculty at Universities from across the country to uncover what forms modern railroad track, explore equipment from around the globe, and analyze communication and control systems.

Tracks to the Future