Rail Transportation Advisory Board (RTAB)

The RTAB provides guidance in the following areas:

  • Improving student recruitment, from both an industry and a student perspective
  • Consistent and active participation from the industry in project and research opportunities as well as in engagement of students
  • Visibility of the RTP as a leading rail university, capable of providing both students and research as future assets to the industry
  • Consistent and sustained funding for the RTP

The Rail Transportation Advisory Board was established by the Rail Transportation Program in 2013. The first meeting was held on Feb 17, 2014. The board consists of experts who represent a broad cross section of the rail industry and its stakeholders. Several members are Michigan Tech alumni.

  • Robert Pokorski—Chair
    Retired, Trinity Rail
  • Adam Sohasky—Vice Chair
    Manager of Rail and Testing, CN Railway
    CEE, 2009
  • Brent Marsh—Secretary
    Project Engineer, Wisconsin Southern
    CEE, 2009
  • Abby Smith
    President, REAC
  • Aaron Dean
    Product Development Engineering, Advanced Rail Systems, LLC
    ME, 2018
  • Tim Hoeffner
    Retired Director, MDOT Office of Rail
    CEE, 1980
  • David Thomson
    Vice President, Hanson Professional Services
    CEE, 1983
  • Ananyo Banjeree
    Principal Investigator II/Resource Manager, NDE-Metallurgy Group
    MSE, 2012
  • Rachel Klumpp
    Assistant Manager, Contract Compliance, Passenger, CN Railway
    SBE, 2016
  • Jon Warlof
    Lead Test and Commissioning Engineer, Alstom
    ECE, 2009
  • Mike Logan
    VP Mechanical, E&LS Railroad
  • Daniel Rust
    Associate Professor, Transportation and Logistics, University of Wisconsin-Superior
  • Pasi Lautala
    Director, Rail Transportation Program, Michigan Technological University
    CEE, 1997 and 2007
  • Chad Scherwinski
    Assistant Vice President, System Maintenance, BNSF Railway
    CEE, 2006
  • Brandon Maurisak
    Transit and Rail Project Manager, HNTB
    CEE, 2010
  • Ruben Pena
    Modernization Director/Director-Government Surface Transportation, ENSCO, Inc.
  • Katie Westcott
    STSE Assistant Engineer, Irish Rail
    ECE, 2010
  • Paul Koppana
    Railroad Grade Separations Engineer, MDOT Office of Rail
  • Jim Cowan
    Rail Industry Executive (retired)
    Met E, 1979
  • Ed Hausen
    Project Engineer, Railworks
    CM, 2013