Michigan Tech Transportation Institute showing the Portage Lift Bridge.


The Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) provides the operating structure, resources, recognition, and leadership, in a collaborative environment, that supports research, education, and outreach leading to sustainable solutions for transportation.


Partnering for the future of transportation.


  • Proposal development/editorial support
  • Large proposal development support
  • Event and agency coordination
  • Major and minor initiatives
  • Education and outreach
  • Learning commons
  • Post award support


  • Rail Transportation Program
  • Summer Youth Program
  • Rail Night
  • Michigan Rail Conference
  • Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting
  • Clean Snowmobile Challenge
  • Sustainability Film Series


The Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) is a multidisciplinary organization conducting a wide range of transportation focused activities including research, education and training, outreach, product development, and technology transfer.

Transportation Hub

Established in 2003, the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) is the central entity on Michigan Tech’s campus for transportation related research, outreach, workforce development, and educational initiatives that address national and global needs.

MTTI is allocated Institutional Research and Development Funds (IRAD) by the Office of the Vice President for Research, used for strategic investment and development of research programs, such as exploratory projects and larger initiatives which eventually increase overall funding to the University and allow for growth of research programs. Major and minor initiatives provide our members with opportunities for expansion of transportation related activities with funding not generally available elsewhere.

We invite all Michigan Tech staff and faculty to join us in transportation activities. Find out how MTTI can help to grow your research.

Partnering for the Future of Transportation