Partnering Centers and Institutes

Ecosystem Science Center showing people in the field gathering water samples.

Ecosystem Science Center (ESC)

The ESC aims to advance our knowledge of this inherent complexity of social-ecological systems. Our members conduct research in ecosystem ecology, ecosystem response to global change, climate change adaptation and mitigation, carbon sequestration and bioenergy, plant, wildlife, aquatic and community ecology, invasive species, decomposition, and ecosystem restoration.

Great Lakes Research Center showing a dock and research vessel.

Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC)

Faculty members from many departments across Michigan Technological University's campus collaborate on interdisciplinary research, ranging from air–water interactions to biogeochemistry to food web relationships.

Health Research Institute showing an illustration of the H-STEM complex.

Health Research Institute (HRI)

The mission of the Health Research Institute is to establish and maintain a thriving environment that promotes translational, interdisciplinary, and increasingly convergent health-related research and inspires education and outreach activities.

Keweenaw Research Center showing Humvee testing.

Keweenaw Research Center (KRC)

The Keweenaw Research Center (KRC) is a multidisciplinary research center of Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) that is active across a broad spectrum of vehicle development. Originally established by the US Army for deep snow mobility testing, KRC has been involved in military, industrial, and commercial vehicle applications for over 60 years.

Michigan Tech Research Institute showing the drone lab.

Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)

Michigan Tech Research Institute focuses on technology development and research to sense and understand natural and human-made environments. Through innovation, education, and collaboration, we support meaningful solutions to critical global issues, from infrastructure to invasive species, national security to public health.

Rail Transportation Program logo.

Rail Transportation Program (RTP)

The mission of RTP is to participate in the development of rail transportation and related engineering skills for the 21st century through an interdisciplinary and collaborative program that aligns Michigan Tech Faculty and Students with the demands of the industry.