Mechatronics Certificate

Robotic arm working.

The Mechatronics graduate certificate requires a minimum of 15 credits of coursework. The Mechatronics graduate certificate requires fewer credits and is more limited in scope than the Mechatronics master's degree. Students often seek certificates to enhance a specific skill set, further their career, find a new job, or meet state or national licensing requirements.

Certificate Paths

The Mechatronics certificate paths focuses on students with backgrounds in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Technology. It is also available for graduate students from all majors as long as they complete required courses in Mechanical, Electrical, and Cybersecurity.

Coursework Requirements

Core courses and additional course options are available to emphasize electrical, mechanical, and cybersecurity aspects of the Mechatronics certificate. Supplementary elective courses are available to fulfill the prerequisite requirements for the required courses and the minimum of 15 credits of coursework for the certificate.

Core Courses

Knowledge of robotic systems and the ability to smartly program robots are necessary skills for Mechatronics graduates. Job descriptions from Tesla, Ford, FANUC, GM, and many other companies dealing with automation, call for a specific knowledge of FANUC robots and Programmable Logic Controllers. The core courses have been chosen with this in mind.

EET 5144 - Real-Time Robotics Systems

Covers the components of a robot system, safety, concepts of a work-cell system, geometry, path control, automation sensors, programming techniques, hardward, and software.

  • Credits: 4.0
  • Lec-Rec-Lab: (0-3-3)
  • Semesters Offered: On Demand
  • Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Level(s): Graduate
  • Pre-Requisite(s): EET 1411 or EET 2220 or PH 2230 or EE 2110 or EE 3010

EET 5373 - Advanced Programmable Controllers

Using Allen Bradley Contr Logix and SLC500 programmable controllers, course covers structured programming, Sequential Function Charts, networking, proportional integral differential control, data acquisition and interfacing. The course requires proposing, executing, and defending at the graduate level related to the course material project.

  • Credits: 4.0
  • Lec-Rec-Lab: (0-2-3)
  • Semesters Offered: Spring
  • Pre-Requisite(s): EET 3373