Graduate Student Handbook

ME-EM Department Overview

ME-EM is the largest department at Michigan Technological University and among the largest mechanical engineering departments in the US, both undergraduate and graduate. With that, there are many resources to help you be successful in your graduate education. There is much information that can be found on many webpages. A good starting place is the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics.

ME-EM Graduate Program Overview

Good Academic Standing

Graduate students at Michigan Tech are expected to maintain good academic standing and make progress toward their degrees each semester. Failing to maintain good academic standing will result in academic sanctions. Students who are not in good academic standing should work with their advisors, department staff, and the Graduate School to take steps to return to good standing.

Graduate Grievances

The Graduate School will consider grievances by graduate students who are currently enrolled in a graduate program or who have been enrolled in a graduate program within the preceding year. Graduate students must have exhausted all other avenues for resolution before submitting a grievance to the Graduate School. When appropriate, the dean of the Graduate School will work with the relevant University officers and offices to take necessary actions to resolve the grievance.

Absence Policy

Graduate students, except in a few circumstances, are permitted to take courses of their choosing for their academic focus and career success. Because of this, graduate students are expected to attend all class meetings, laboratory sessions, etc for which they are enrolled. Individual instructors may set attendance policies that are tied to the course grade. Such policies will be stated in the course syllabus and are thereby enforced.

ME-EM adheres to the Michigan Tech attendance policy.

Summary of ME-EM Graduate Degree Requirements

Degree requirements are also placed and updated as needed on the webpages of the ME-EM department.

PhD Degree

MS Degree

The MS degree provides the opportunity for students to enhance their undergraduate education by either broadening it, focusing it, or both to some extent. The content of the MS degree, particularly the Coursework MS is largely up to the student and there is no standard template. Except for several required courses, the MS has flexibility to be tailored to the student’s interests. The MS has three options; Thesis, Report, and Coursework, each of which results in the same degree being awarded. Furthermore, the MS can be pursued in either Mechanical Engineering (MSME) or Engineering Mechanics (MSEM). The MSME is considered to be more applied in nature, while the MSEM focuses more on the science of mechanical engineering and has more structured requirements.

MS and PhD