International Programs and Services

J-1 Status Grace Periods

There are rules about how long you can stay after you complete your studies. 

J-1 students who have completed their program objectives or after their J-1 Academic Training expires have 30 days to either leave the United States or change to another visa status.

These 30 days, called a 'grace period,' and are given to you after your program end date so you can take care of things like:

  • preparing to leave the US
  • starting a new program after Academic Training
  • changing to another visa status.

You Need to Know

If you do not complete your program objective, you do not receive a grace period.

You cannot travel internationally, including to Canada or on vacation cruise ships, and re-enter the US with J-1 status during your grace period.

Special Rules for Transfer Students

J-1 students who wish to transfer from Michigan Tech to another program sponsor must consult with the international student programs office at both schools. The deadline for J-1 students to transfer is the program completion date or the end of Academic Training, whichever is earlier.

J-1 students cannot transfer during the 30-day grace period.