International Programs and Services

How Departments Host International Scholars

Preparing to welcome an international scholar? These are the steps all Michigan Tech departments follow:

Step 1

Complete the J-1 Exchange Visitor (Scholar) Request Form.

  • The department head signs the form on page 1.
  • The sponsor signs verification of eligibility on page 2.

Step 2

Send the completed form to International Programs and services with these documents:

  • A clear copy of the photo page of the passport of each person entering the country, scholar and dependents. Each name on the DS-2019 must be identical to the names on the passports. Having copies of the passports will avoid delays.
  • A copy of the invitation letter from Michigan Tech indicating amount of support, and the specific project or work the scholar will be doing.
  • Other financial support, if support is not coming from Michigan Tech.
  • J-2 Dependent Request Forms for spouses or children.
  • Proof of English proficiency
    • Through a recognized English language test.
    • Through signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school.

Step 3

  • IPS creates and sends each scholar’s DS-2019 form and information sheets—plus dependent forms as needed—to the department.
  • The department forwards the forms to the scholar before the scheduled visa interview.

You Need to Know

Send forms via FedEx or a similar expedited service to be sure they arrive in time for the visa interview.

Step 4 

  • Make sure arriving scholars report immediately to IPS.
  • Let scholars know that proof of insurance must be submitted to IPS.
  • Let scholars paid by Michigan Tech know that they must check in for necessary paperwork with Human Resources' payroll office.
  • Contact IPS if the scholar will not arrive on time.

Guidelines to Extend a DS-2019

Complete and return to IPS before the program end date listed on the DS-2019:

You Need to Know

Departments also need to arrange building, lab, and communication network access as needed.