STC Portfolios and Advisory Board

Scientific and Technical Communication (STC) students can find detailed information here about senior portfolios and the STC advisory board. For additional information about STC degree requirements, portfolios, or the advisory board, please contact us.

Student Portfolios

All graduating seniors in the STC program put together a professional portfolio that highlights the work they have accomplished during their undergraduate career at Michigan Tech. The portfolios showcase the diverse talents of STC students, highlight the different types of projects they have worked on both in the classroom and in the workplace, and give students an opportunity to shape their professional identity.

Past Portfolios

STC Advisory Board

The STC Advisory Board is a select group of working professionals, who are crucial partners in the STC Program's commitment to reciprocity with the workplace.  Comprised of writers, designers, digital media and video specialists, and engineers, most of whom are graduates of the STC Program, board members offer advice and consult with the STC steering committee throughout the year. The STC Advisory Board visits campus annually to talk with STC student groups, view student work and Senior Portfolio Presentations, observe classes, review curricular goals, meet with the Department chair, and consult with the STC steering committee.

Current members are Linda Kennedy, Rob Cote, Harrison Withers, Jordan Dagenais, Amanda Lutey, Monica Lester Vuorenmaa, Sean Fernstrum, and Nick Rosencrans.


STC Advisory Board