Kette Thomas

Kette Thomas


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  • Associate Chair, Department of Humanities
  • Associate Professor of Diversity and Literature, Humanities
  • Director, Diversity Studies Minor
  • PhD, Comparative Literature, New York University at Stony Brook


Dr. Kette Thomas' work draws on cultural theory; mythology/religion; Caribbean and Latin American cultures and literature; world literature; and cinema. She has publications in The International Journal of Arts in Society, Caribbean Vistas, and CLC Web: Comparative Literature and Culture, The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, and the Journal of Religion and Film. Currently, she is writing two books: one on 20th-century Haitian immigrants in Brooklyn, NY, and the other on Haiti’s Restaveks, an informal institution involving foster care and domestic child labor. She is also working on scholarship that addresses cultural “deviancies,” whether in the context of labeling "freaks," as a socio-political identity, or engaging the phenomenon of cult crises such as Jonestown '78.