Alexandra Morrison

Alexandra Morrison


  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Humanities
  • PhD (Philosophy) University of Guelph
  • MA, BA (Philosophy) University of Toronto


Alexandra Morrison is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Michigan Technological University. Her main research areas include 20th Century Phenomenological Thought, Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, the Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Ethics. She is currently working on a manuscript that addresses the role of mood/ affect in identity formation and critical ethical engagement. She is also working on an interdisciplinary project in engineering ethics that aims to incorporate insights from the Philosophy of Technology, Phenomenology, and Science and Technology Studies to help elucidate the ways in which technological involvement transforms our agency, including our moral agency.

Research Areas

  • Continental Philosophy (especially Phenomenology and Existential Thought)
  • Social and Political Philosophy (including Feminist Philosophy)
  • Philosophy and Art (including Literature)
  • Ethical Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Engineering Ethics