Marika Seigel

Marika Seigel


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  • Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Humanities
  • PhD, Pennsylvania State University


Dr. Marika Seigel’s scholarship focuses on the rhetoric of health and medicine—particularly as it pertains to women's reproductive health and pregnancy—as well as on writing program administration and pedagogy. She teaches courses in rhetoric and composition and technical communication at Michigan Tech and directs the Composition Program. Recently, Dr. Seigel published two books with the University of Chicago Press The Rhetoric of Pregnancy, and Expecting: A Brief History of Pregnancy Advice. Her current research projects include an oral history project focused on women's pregnancy and childbirth experiences during the Soviet occupation of Estonia, and the development and assessment of a new collaborative teaching model for delivering Composition instruction and teacher training affectionately dubbed "MonsterComp." Her work has appeared in scholarly journals such as College Composition and Communication, Rhetoric Review, and Transactions on Computing Education as well as in more popular outlets such as Al Jazeera America, BuzzFeed News, and McSweeney's.

Research Areas

  • Rhetoric of health and medicine
  • Feminist theory
  • Women's rhetorics
  • Rhetoric of science and technology
  • Technical communication
  • Usability
  • Writing program administration