Oren M. Abeles

Oren M. Abeles


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  • Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Composition

My research traces the way rhetoric articulates science and technology, in all their senses. I look at scientific texts, technical objects, and natural phenomenon, attempting to discern whether classical and contemporary notions of rhetoricity can explain how these assemblies perform, figure, and turn. I am currently developing a book project that historicizes figures of speech critical to the emergence of Darwinian natural selection. It follows a line of rhetoric that emerges in earlier traditions of English cultural discourse, particularly agricultural rhetoric, demonstrating how depictions of human agency over nature then come to organize key concepts in modern biology like “selection,” “organism,” and “development.” It likewise traces counter-traditions in English agriculture and biological rhetoric that offer other ways to articulate relationships between nature and culture.

I teach introductory courses in rhetoric, as well as more advanced courses in the rhetoric of science, and the history of rhetoric and composition.


  • Rhetoric of Science
  • Science Studies
  • Composition