Nancy M. Grimm

  • Emerita Professor of Humanities
  • PhD, Michigan Technological University


Dr. Nancy M. Grimm's research interests focus on literacy studies, writing center studies, pedagogical theories, and composition studies. Her current research addresses the teaching of literacy in ways that account for cultural, racial, and class differences.

Research Areas

  • Literacy Studies
  • Writing Center Studies
  • Composition Studies
  • Pedagogical Theories

Recent Publications

  • "The Idea of a Multiliteracies Center: 6 Responses", Praxis: A Writing Center Journal. 9 (2), (May 2012) (not peer-reviewed/refereed) (Published)
  • Grimm, N. M., "Retheorizing Writing Center Work to Transform a System of Advantage Based on Race" in Writing Centers and teh New Racism. A Call for Sustainable Dialogue and Change. Greenfield, L., Rowan, K., (Utah SUP, Logan, Utah, December 2011), 75-100. (Published)


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  • Grimm, Nancy M., "What Do We Want Tutor Education to Accomplish in the 21st Century? For Whom? And Why?", Midwest Writing Centers Association, Madison, WI, Oral. (October 2011).
  • Grimm, Nancy M., "Multiliteracies Center Services for Graduate Students and Faculty", Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Michigan Technological University, Oral. (September 29, 2011).
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